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Moisture Meter


A Quality Product from
Indosaw Industrial Products Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Ambala - India

Description :
Manufacturer and exporter of Agro Industry Equipment.

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Indosaw Industrial Products Pvt. Ltd. deals in :
Manufacturer and exporter of Agro Industry Equipment - Moisture Meters. Digital Weighing Scales. Seed/Grain Testing Equipment. Grain Moisture Meters. Plants Moisture Meters. Seed Grader. Seed Germinator. Hand Test Sieves (Wooden). Hand Test Sieves (Round Brass). Seed Counter Economy. Seed Riffle Divider (Soil Type). Seed Counter Computerised. Seed/Grain Divider (Boerner Type). Seed Precision Divider (Gamet Type). Lab. Aspirator (Bates Type). Seed Blower Dacota Type. Analysis Kit. Advanced Analysis Kit. Hot Air Seed Dryer. Seed Dryer Dhf Type. Grain Vernier Dehumidifiers. Baby/Adult Weighing Scale. Rice Polisher. Sieve Shaker. Rice Sheller. Rice Sizing Device. BOD Incubator. Automatic Weighing & Bagging Machine. Rice Miller (Mc Type). Scientific Education Equipment - Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Higher Education PHYSICS LAB EQUIPMENT - Electricity - Demonstration Meters, Electromagnetism, Vacuum Tubes, Electric Motor, Rheostats, Decade Resistance Boxes, Capatance/Electrochemistry, Electrical Sundries, Meter Bench type, Meters, Digital Multimeters, Power Supply, Magnetism, Electrostatics. Energy - Calorimetry, Heat Transfer, Energy Kits, Solar Energy, Energy Conversion. Light - Geometrical Optics, Optical Components, Spectrometers, Spectrometer/Polarimeters, Interferometers, Optical Benches, Optical Benches Accessories, Others. Mechanics - Dynamics And Kinematics, Statics, Sound, Properties of Matter, Time And Linear Measurement, Automobile Models, Mechanical Training Modules. BIOLOGY LAB EQUIPMENT - Microscopes, Microscopes Accessories, Dissecting Instruments, Ecology, Biology Models. CHEMISTRY LAB EQUIPMENT - Burners, Tongs/Taps/Rods, Stoppers, Glassware, Beakers and Cylinders, Porcelain Wares, Vessels and Containers, Pipettes, Gas Analysis, Atomic & Graphite Models. HIGHER EDUCATION - Spectrometry, Fresnel?s biprism, Kerr Effect, Photoconductivity, Hall Effect, Newton?s Ring, Polarization, Millikan Oil Drop Apparatus, Michelson Interferometer.

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