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PF-2752 Long range hand free On/Off-line access controller


A Quality Product from
Taipei - Taiwan

Description :
Long range hand free On/Off-line access controller.
Long range hand free vehicle access control system :View configuration
PF-2752 (controller) + PFH-9210-660 (reader) + PFH620 (card) for 6 meters reading or EM card for 50cm reading range
PF-2752 (controller) + PFH-9210-620 (reader) + PFH620 (card), for 6 meters reading range
PF-2752 (controller) + PFH-9210-320 (reader) + PFH320 (card), for 3 meters reading range
PF-2752 (controller) + PFH-9210-60 (reader) + PG-PROXS-L-Y1 (EM card), for 60 cm reading range
PF-2752 (controller) + PF-5210 (reader) + PFH-300 (card), for 3~15 meters readingrange.

Product Price :-

features :
For vehicle control, the RFID Hand free card can be stick to any where within the car even through windshields and clothes but not on the metal and to get access to the gate or any electrical door, just approach to the effective distance without getting off the car or opening the window
With built-in quartz real time clock for time zone control & time recording.
With tamper switch and one loop sensor input to trigger alarm when case is tampered or loop is intruded.
Long range reading for vehicle or personal access identification up to about 6 meters (Handfree card) or 50cm (EM card) (with PFH-9210-660 card reader )
Long range reading for vehicle or personal access identification up to about 6 meters (with PFH-9210-600 card reader & PFH-620 card).
Long range reading for vehicle or personal access identification up to about 3 meters (with PFH-9210-300 card reader & PFH-320 card).
Long range reading for vehicle or personal access identification up to about 60 cm (with PFH-9210-60 card reader & EM card).
Long range reading for vehicle or personal access identification 3~15 meters (with PF-5210 card reader & PFH-300 card. )
Standalone / Network communication through RS-232C/RS-422
9999 card holder / 6000 events.
Operation modes : card only, free access.
10 years for real time clock and transaction data retention at power failure CMOS CPU with low power consumption & watchdog function.
Hi-technology, low cost and easy installation.

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Manufacturer and exporter of access control security / time and attendance recorder / rfid security systems, rfid technology, magnetic stripe card readers and writers, guard tour system, door access controller, mifare / magnetic / barcode / proximity card readers,smart card reader,long range wiegand / rfid readers, contactless cards, magnetic stripe encoder, keypad lock, tcpip converters, parking access, lift access, electric strikes, electric locks, electronic locks, electromagnetic & magnetic locks, push buttons, color & b/w cameras, cctv security systems, Keypad Access Controller FAST SEARCH : SELECT PRODUCT MODEL NO. System Configurations PC-1037 Intelligent Multi-Doors Access Control System PP-2752 Single Door Access Control System PP-2752 Smart Two-Doors Access Control System PP-3750 Star-Type Door Access Control System Mifare 13.56 MHz Reader / Access Controller PP-3750/M PUA-310/M RF Remote Type Access Control System PR-2752H PR-2752P PR-5210 PTX-201 PTX-204 PTM-201 PTM-204 Long range hand free vehicle access control system PF-2752 PF-3750 PF-3210 PF-5210 PFH-300 PFH-320 Proximity Access Controller / Reader System PP-5210 PP-5211 PP-5800 PP-5707 PP-5878 PUA-310 PUA-380 PUA-377 PUA-378 PP-2752 PP-3750 PP-6730 PP-6707 PC-1037 Proximity module PXI-01 PXM-01 Mag Card Access Controller & Reader/Writer PG-700ATM PG-800ATM PG-806ATM PG-816ATM PG-4720ATM PG-707 PG-727 PG-828 PG-878 PG-5707 PG-5878 PG-750 PG-2752C PG-2752E PG-600SBL PG-600SBH PG-600MBH Barcode Card Access Controller & Reader/Writer PB-2752C Lift Access Controller PGE-2752 PPE-2752 PPE-3750 RY-8 RY-24 Network System Supporting Channel Controller PCP-832-2 PCP-832-8 PCP-832-16 PCP-T8XX PC-T100 Keypad Access Controller PG-101K PG-103K PG-104K PG-105K PG-106K Printer Adaptor PG-1050B PGAccess Software.
main Products:
Mag Card Access Controller & Reader/Writer, Magnetic Stripe Card, Proximity Access Controller / Reader System, Proximity module for OEM manufacturer, Multi-doors Access Control system, Lifts Access Control System, RF Remote Type Access Control System, Long Range Hand Free Vehicle Access Control System, Multi-Channel Controller For Networking System, Serial To Parallel Printer Adaptor For Access Controller, PGAccess Software, Proximity Card / Proximity Keyfob / RF Hand Free Card, Mifare 13.56 MHz Reader / Access Controller, CCD camera, DOME camera, PIR camera, MINI camera, BOARD camera, Locks series products: Electromagnetic locks, Power bolts,
Low power electric strikes, Electric locks, Mechanical locks, Accessories, Pushbutton, Quad processor system, Multiplexer, Magnetic stripe card reader, Portable data collector.

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