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Telephone Recorder


A Quality Product from
Chennai - India

Description :
The Mabara Telephone Recorder is the world's first telephone recorder. It records your conversations and works as an answering machine too. The machine does not use a tape or any other device to store its conversations. It uses its memory. The main advantage in this gadget is that you can hear your voice mails form a remote telephone (This telephone can be in any part of this world).

1. Record Your Conversations:
This recorder helps you store your telephone conversations for 15 minutes or 25 calls. This is the first of its kind.

2. Controlled by the keys in your Telephone:
To be more user-friendly, this machine has been designed that the keys in your telephone can be used to operate it. This avoids confusion and sounds direct the user to operate the phone.

3. Auto-Answer Mode:
The recorder also works as an answering machine when you are not at home. The machine directs the caller to enter his message which is stored in the memory and later on is played to you when you need it.

4.Remote Access:
The beauty in this gadget is that it can be operated from any part of the world. All you need is a telephone. You dial your home number, where you enter a password protected menu, which instructs you to press buttons and at last you hear your voice mails from there.

5. Pre-recorded Slogans
The user is able to record slogans or music which is played by your telephone recorder when ever you need it.

6. Scheduler
You can even set remainders and schedule your activities using your telephone recorder. These remainders are played back to you.

7. Voice Caller ID
The recorder sounds the name of the caller when he/she is ringing (Prior settings are required). This will help you know the caller from where you are. You don't need to run to your telephone and look at its display every time its ringing.

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Manufacturers and Exporters of Electronic Generators, RYB Phase Corrector, Telephone Recorder, CDI unit, ACDC Converter, Electronic Counter, Room indicater, Walking Counter, Hand Saver, Digital Lighter, Theif informer, Suitcase Alarm, Solar Switch.

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