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Micro Systems & Controls


Micro Systems & Controls



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Kolkata - India

Description :
Model RP200 is a compact microprocessor based rapping timer used in electrostatic precipitator, which is an air pollution control device. To improve collection efficiency and ensure proper functional use of the precipitator, a rapping system is applied to the collection plates and electrodes to dislodge the collected dust layer. A falling weight or fixed rotating hammer controlled by the rapping timer raps the collection plates, causing vibration that knocks off the dust layer.

All parameters in RP200 are programmable via keyboard. All programmed values are stored permanently in non-volatile memory. Intelligent program lock is provided so that set parameters cannot be tampered with. Skip function is provided to switch off unused channels. After power on the timer is in RUN state and depending on mode setting starts operation. The programmer has three modes of operation LOCAL, REMOTE and TEST. In local mode the programmer starts immediately on power on, in remote mode the timer operation is controlled by the potential free remote N/O contact. When remote contact is closed the timer starts running and when remote contact is open the timer stops. Test mode is provided to test the timer 6 times the normal speed. The test mode operation is same as local mode, only timer speed is increased and timer running relay will not be energized. Use of rapping timer in electrostatic precipitator provides an effective means operation in dust control.

features :
-Compact timer
-Microcontroller based
-Alphanumeric LCD display
-Fully programmable
-Keyboard programmable
-Intelligent program lock facility
-High performance.

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Micro Systems & Controls

We are Manufactures, Designs and Supplies of Indicators, Controllers, Auto Manual Station, Flow Totaliser, Scanners, Data Loggers, Alarm Annunciators, RTD / PT100 Transmitter, Thermocouple, Transmitters, Pressure Transmitter, Humidity Transmitter, Signal Conditioner, Signal Isolator Distributor, Weight Indicator & Controller, Air Pollution Control Timer, Power Supplies, Industrial Printer, Thermocouple & RTD sensors, Software.

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