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UV/IR Modular Systems


A Quality Product from
Bangalore - India

Description :
Using Reflectors with very small dimensions, we can install UV / IR units in every kind of printing machines, whether roll or sheet-fed offset. Such installation could be positioned either just before the pile delivery or after each printing unit. On request, the unit can be also be equipped with a shutter device to prevent overheating risks and to reduce risk of a fire hazard. This modular system allows a high versatility and flexibility and is capable of meeting all the requirements of the user. Each unit is independent and includes its own supply, controls, and cooling system.
UV curing hoods are fitted with a gas assisted lifting cylinder. This enables easy lifting of the hoods for cleaning the lamps and reflectors, and also for checking the condition of the lamps and reflectors.
All the lamps are independently controlled with each having a separate transformer. So, only the lamp/s that you need can be switched ON, still retaining the other lamps in OFF state. Each lamp is also provided with an hour meter that lets you monitor the number of hours the lamp has been ON. Besides, a digital speed indicator is provided in order to give an accurate feedback about the belt speed . UV / IR / Hot Air curing equipment will have separate controls for UV section, IR section & Hot Air section.
The UV lamps and reflectors are mounted in a separate box. Removal and replacement of the lamps and reflectors are very easy. Further, once the hood is lifted the electrical circuit gets cut-off automatically for operator safety.
Each module is fitted with its own exhaust regulation control. This enables precise regulation of the exhaust air flow from each module for vacuuming the bed and also for ozone extraction.
The UV lamps used in the equipment is from a world famous manufacturer in Germany. The reflectors too, are imported from Germany. These reflectors have a unique feature in that, the secondary reflectors send UV energy away from the lamps, reducing heat build-up near the lamps, thereby, extending its life. Further, the secondary reflectors can be easily replaced.

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Manuafcturers of online IR / UV curing modules for faster production for the offset, web-offset and flexo printing machines. Hansa's product range includes - UV Curing Equipment, UV - Hot Air Curing Equipment, UV - IR Curing Equipment, UV - Hot Air - IR Curing Equipment, UV / IR Modules, UV / Water-based / Spirit-based Varnish Roller Coater. We deal in Advanced Drying System, UV Varnish Roller Coater, Slimcure [Space Saving UV Curing System].

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