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CNet Technology Inc.


CNet Technology Inc.

CNUSB-27 7-Port USB Hub


A Quality Product from
CNet Technology Inc. [View Profile]
Hsinchu - Taiwan

Description :
CNUSB-27 is the latest USB 2.0 Hub, which allows different peripherals (up to 127) to be added or removed without having to reboot the host PC. Speed, speed, speed, allows USB connected devices to transmit data up to 40 times faster than USB1.1 connections. Using twisted shielded pair USB cables enables data to be transmitted at full speed, while untwisted shielded pair USB cables can transmit data at low speed. This USB 2.0 Hub is capable of operating in self-powered mode and bus-powered mode. When using an external power supply, the Hub will automatically switch to a self-powered mode. The USB Hub can provide up to 500mA to devices with high power requirements per port, such as printers or scanners. They are also able to act as a bus-powered device providing power to peripherals with low power requirements such as a keyboard, mouse, digital camera, etc.

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CNet Technology Inc.

Manufacturers of : Switches - Fast Ethernet Switch Gigabit Ethernet Switch Smart Access Web Management Switch. Fast Ethernet Network Card Gigabit Ethernet Network Card Wireless Modems Broadband Router ADSL Products Media Converters USB Hubs Print Server Bluetooth Antenna Firmware - Internet Broadband Router ADSL Products Print Servers.

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CNUSB-27 7-Port USB Hub

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