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AMF Controller


A Quality Product from
DYNATEK [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
Dynatek make ?AMF CONTROLLER? is one of the most user friendly, Highly reliable & compact microcontroller based AMF Relay system. It is cost effective solution for AMF Controlling system. Most advanced technology is used to provide maximum features required for AMF Controlling system. It offers annunciation and controlling with Audio / Visual signal & potential free o/p contact. It works in Auto, Manual & Test mode

When AMF CONTROLLER is in Auto Mode, it continuously scanners the mains supply. If Mains supply fails for specific period the controller starts cranking the DG set through start relay. Controller undertakes the set attempts. In case if it fails to start the DG after the set attempt it annunciates accordingly and turns ON hooter for Audio signaling.

If DG starts in any of the set attempt it allows DG to reach its operating speed to build up the required voltage and then it puts the load on DG by closing DG contactors automatically. On the resumption of healthy mains with required level of mains voltage controller connects the load on mains after the set delay periods & DG set is returned to standby mode for further operation after the required ideal running ( Cool - Off Delay).

In manual mode Controller does not react to Mains failure or Mains restoration. All the operations are to be done manually.

Controller is suitable for both 12V & 24V since it has wide operating voltage range ( 7 VDC to 30 VDC).

features :
-Based on latest

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Manufactures of AMF Controller, Annunciator, Engine Controller, Extra Loud Hooter / Megaphone, Compressor Control Panel, Emergency Light Circuit, Autobell, Real Time Clock, Steam - Bath Controller, Window.

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