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MPEG Transport Stream Monitor (MTM400)


A Quality Product from
Secunderabad - India

Description :
The MTM400 is a real-time MPEG transport stream monitor. Together with the MLM1000 Multi-Layer Monitoring Application,*1 the MTM400 provides a complete solution for transmission monitoring of MPEG transport streams.

The MTM400 uses a single transport stream processor platform packaged in a 1 RU rackmount chassis to provide monitoring of a transport stream at data rates up to 155 Mbps*2. The platform is used to provide an extended confidence monitoring product that, with the addition of software options, provides diagnostic monitoring capabilities. The extended confidence monitor provides the key MPEG tests; this basic level of functionality and low cost enable widespread deployment throughout a transmission network, facilitating rapid fault isolation.

The diagnostic monitoring options provide more in-depth analysis of the MPEG transport stream including recording capability, PSI/SI/PSIP/ARIB analysis, and unique user-defined template tests to ensure right content, right place, and right time. Additionally, optional RF confidence monitoring interfaces including COFDM, 8VSB, Turbo 8PSK, QPSK (L Band), and QAM allow the MTM400 to receive RF inputs, and display key RF monitoring parameters including MER, BER, and constellation displays before demodulating the signal to provide measurements on the health of the Transport Stream. Deployed at key network nodes, the MTM400 equipped as a diagnostic monitor enables the cause of faults to be pinpointed and solved.

features :
Multi layer, multi channel, remote monitoring and measurement at RF and Transport layers to DVB (TR 101 290), ATSC, and ISDB (T&S) standards
Comprehensive confidence monitoring at the RF modulated layer with optional COFDM, 8VSB, Turbo 8PSK, QPSK (L Band), and QAM Interface MER (up to 38 dB typical), BER, and Constellation Displays
Critical RF Measurements, MER, and EVM provide early indication of signal degradation before any picture impairment is visible to the end customer, without additional costly RF test equipment
MTM400 with RF interface can switch between RF monitoring and transport stream monitoring within the one probe, enabling monitoring of the input and RF interface with a single unit, minimizing down time and contractual penalties
DPI (SCTE-35) Local content insertion monitoring

Product Applications :
Terrestrial distribution
Contribution and primary distribution
Cable headend monitoring
DTH or network operator satellite uplink monitoring.

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We are into Measuring & Testing Equipments
Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers , Signal Sources,
Optical Communications , Video Test Equipment ,
Network Management & Diagnostics ,
RF/Wireless Test,

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