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Oscilloscope Probes and Adapters


A Quality Product from
Secunderabad - India

Description :
Precision Measurements start right at the probe tip. The right probes matched to the oscilloscope and the device-under-test (DUT) allow the signal to be brought to the oscilloscope cleanly for the greatest signal fidelity and measurement accuracy.

To measure typical signal and voltage levels, passive probes provide ease-of-use and a wide range of measurement capabilities at an affordable price. The pairing of a passive voltage probe with a current probe will provide you with an ideal solution to measure power.

However, general-purpose passive probes cannot accurately measure signals with the fastest rise times, and may excessively load sensitive circuits. To measure signals with fast rise times, a high-speed active or differential probe will provide more accurate results.

Tektronix is the leader in probing technologies. We offer the world's most advanced high-bandwidth differential and active probes — up to 5 GHz differential and 6 GHz active — to access dense, high-speed circuitry with the highest signal fidelity currently achievable, all matched perfectly to Tektronix oscilloscopes.

In addition to its industry-leading probes, Tektronix offers carts and workstations to free up bench space and make equipment easy to share and move around. Our rugged transit cases and travel accessories can be used to ship or transport your instrument.

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We are into Measuring & Testing Equipments
Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers , Signal Sources,
Optical Communications , Video Test Equipment ,
Network Management & Diagnostics ,
RF/Wireless Test,

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