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External Device Servers (MSS100)


A Quality Product from
Bangalore - India

Description :
External Device Servers (MSS100) -

The MSS100 is a fast, easy way to connect a serial device to a network, so it can be managed remotely. The MSS100 allows you to operate and manage RS-232 serial devices over the LAN, WAN or Internet and replace dedicated PCs and lengthy serial cables with fast and reliable networking technology. This remote access capability increases efficiency, saving you time and money while providing easier management from any browser – anywhere, at any time.

Featuring a 32-bit processor, feature-rich operating system, high-speed serial interface and 10/100 Ethernet port, the MSS100 provides the performance needed for demanding and multi-tasking operations such as:

Retail Point-of-Sale
Medical Instrumentation
Building Automation
Security Systems
Manufacturing/Industrial Automation.
The MSS100 is easily manageable through HTTP, SNMP, Telnet or a supplied Windows GUI. It allows easy upgrade via Flash ROM and includes Lantronix’s Com Port Redirector software, enabling Windows applications to communicate to remote networked devices.

In addition to being easy to configure and manage, the MSS100 is a highly programmable solution for serial-to-Ethernet connectivity. Its robust performance, modem replacement/emulation and compact size make it a prime candidate for countless applications. The MSS100 incorporates advanced serial datahandling capabilities and Lantronix’s proven networkenabling technology, allowing virtually any asynchronous RS-232 serial device to communicate over the LAN, WAN or Internet.

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Manufacturer of Data Communication Peripherals and Datacomm Products like Winproxy, Mdaemon and Products of Lantronix, etc.
We are the only Manufacturer in India for Dialers Used in Fax, Store and Forward service.
We Provide following Solutions :
Datacom Solutions, Networking Solutions, Internet Solutions, Messaging Solutions, Security Solutions, Storage Solutions.
New Products List : RFID Reader Module, Ethernet I/O, Ethernet Adaptor [ EAD ], Line Powered Dialer.

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