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External Device Servers (MSS-VIA)


A Quality Product from
Bangalore - India

Description :
External Device Servers (MSS-VIA) -
The MSS-VIA device server enables you to connect serial devices to IP-based Ethernet networks, quickly and easily. With the MSS-VIA you can replace limited distance, point-to-point serial connections and remotely monitor, manage, and share connected devices over a wired or wireless network or the Internet.

Our approach to network-enabling devices is transparent to your attached devices and software. So, you won't need to change the way you work, and there's no need to develop special software to take advantage of Ethernet networking.

Using a method called serial tunneling, the MSS-VIA encapsulates serial data into packets and transports it over Ethernet. Using two MSS-VIAs, connected by a network, virtual serial connections can be extended across a facility or around the world.

The included redirection software simplifies your integration process by extending the functionality of your COM-port-based Windows? applications. With virtual COM ports, mapped to remote device servers on the network, you can replace direct serial connections.

The built-in PCMCIA interface of the MSS-VIA can bridge your attached serial device to a wireless network, add storage for data logging, or allow remote dial-up using a modem with the appropriate PC card installed.

The included EzWebCon configuration software simplifies installation and setup. The MSS-VIA can also be set up from a web browser, utilizing the MSS-VIA's built-in web server. It can also be set up remotely using Telnet, or locally through a serial port.

Flash memory provides for maintenance-free non-volatile storage of configuration information, and allows future system software upgrades.

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Manufacturer of Data Communication Peripherals and Datacomm Products like Winproxy, Mdaemon and Products of Lantronix, etc.
We are the only Manufacturer in India for Dialers Used in Fax, Store and Forward service.
We Provide following Solutions :
Datacom Solutions, Networking Solutions, Internet Solutions, Messaging Solutions, Security Solutions, Storage Solutions.
New Products List : RFID Reader Module, Ethernet I/O, Ethernet Adaptor [ EAD ], Line Powered Dialer.

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