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SecureLinx Management Appliance (SecureLinx SLM)


A Quality Product from
Bangalore - India

Description :
As the network infrastructure continues to grow to keep up with the demands of modern day business, the number of “out-of-band infrastructure” (OOBI) management devices increases. This equipment (console servers, KVMs and remote power managers) is used to manage data center devices such as servers, routers, switches, PBXs, UPSs, and even building access utilities through their serial ports. And now, ‘managing the management equipment’ is becoming a challenge.

The SecureLinx Management Appliance (SLM) is a ‘master control center’ that seamlessly integrates equipment connected by console servers, KVMs and remote power managers. Through a centralized point of access and common interface, it enables administrators to quickly and easily access equipment anywhere in the enterprise with just a few mouse clicks.
The SLM simplifies administration by offering multiplatform client access through a standard web browser for a single point of consolidated access with simplified views to OOBI management devices and attached equipment. This centralized authentication minimizes administrative burdens. And, since user account information is maintained in one place, there is no need to maintain separate user-names/passwords for each management device. Users can also be remotely authenticated using LDAP, RADIUS and NIS.

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Manufacturer of Data Communication Peripherals and Datacomm Products like Winproxy, Mdaemon and Products of Lantronix, etc.
We are the only Manufacturer in India for Dialers Used in Fax, Store and Forward service.
We Provide following Solutions :
Datacom Solutions, Networking Solutions, Internet Solutions, Messaging Solutions, Security Solutions, Storage Solutions.
New Products List : RFID Reader Module, Ethernet I/O, Ethernet Adaptor [ EAD ], Line Powered Dialer.

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