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Texonic Instruments


Texonic Instruments

Fiberlite Sparks Lighting


A Quality Product from
Texonic Instruments [View Profile]
Chennai - India

Description :
Fiberlite Sparks Lighting -

Cable with light only on electricity cabling, no electrical shocks.
Cable transmit light only no heating or UV radiation, no harm of the artwork and sensitive material.
Cable with optic fibres only no gas or glass tubing, no risk of fire or explosions.
Nothing to burn out or breaj in the line of fiber optic cable.
Flexible cable, ease of designs and installations.
No high voltages
Virtually no maintanance in the fixtures, no lamp to replace
Energy saving that one light source for several light points.
Dynamic colors changing effects.
Miniature fixtures allows great design freedom.
The unalterable PMMA-Compounds fibers featuring lasting and perfect optical performance
Economic and beautiful.

Product Applications :
Amusement park
Building Outlining
Building facades
Garden lighting
Step lighting
Directional lighting
Swimming pools
Water fountains
Water falls
Restaurants and bars
Hotels and casions
Interior and exterior signage.

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Texonic Instruments

Manufacturers and exporters of Lifestyle products, Cell accessories, Networking products, Security products, Sony ericsson, Uniross, Industrial instruments, Storage boxes. Lifestyle products : Audio-Video, Clocks, Computer Accessories, Gadgets, Home-Healthcare, PDA Accessories, Torch Light, Turn Table, Thermo-Hygrometer. Cell accessories : Bluetooth, Cell Holders, Chargers, Data Cables, Hands Free Kit, Multi-Simm, Signal Boosters, Cell Housing, Others products. Lighting : FIBRE OPTIC LIGHTING, LED LIGHTING, EL LIGHTING. Networking products : ADAPTORS, HUBs and USBs, INTERNET SERVER, ISDN ROUTERS, MEDIA CONVERTORS, PRINT SERVERS, WIRELESS LAN. Security products : ACCESS CONTROL, ALARMS, CCTV, WIRELESS SECURITY. Sony ericsson : Cell accessories : Handsfree, Cables, Car Charger. Uniross : BATTERIES, CHARGERS, SMPS ADAPTOR. Industrial instruments : Measuring Instruments : Digital Multimeters, Eprom programmers, Thermo- Hygro meters, Instrument Enclosures. Power Conditioners : Voltage Stabilizers, Servo stablizers, Powerline filters. Teaching Aids : Circuit lab, Logic lab, Computer interface - Control trainers. Storage boxes : TOOL BOX, COMPONENT STORAGE, DISPLAY BOARD.

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