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NetVision Phone

New delhi

A Quality Product from
New Delhi - India

Description :
NetVision? Phone ( voice over IP) -

The NetVision Phone from Symbol Technologies adds voice communication to Spectrum24? 802.11 frequency hopping and Spectrum24 High Rate 802.11b direct sequence wireless LAN installations, allowing simultaneous voice and data support on the same wireless backbone.

The NetVision Phone provides on-site wireless voice communication capability, and allows for integration into an existing phone system via a gateway for internal and external voice communication.
Employing voice-over-IP technology based on the ITU standard H.323, the NetVision Phone converts analog voice into compressed digital packets that are sent via TCP/IP protocol over standard data networks.



The NetVision Phone uses TCP/IP addressing that can be tied to an extension number or a name directory.


Dial by extension (via gateway)
Dial by name
Dialed number recall
Speed dial
Receiving Calls

The NetVision Phone supports several different mechanisms by which the user may accept (or refuse) the call. These include:

Auto answer
Single key answer/refuse
Any key answer
In addition, the NetVision Phone features vibrating, visual and audio ring signals. There is an ON/OFF switch for the ringer, and a volume control for the ring signal and the handset. Caller ID is a feature of the NetVision Phone

Multiple Conversations

Two concurrent calls can be supported by the NetVision Phone. The user switches between calls using the "HOLD" key. The NetVision Phone operates much like "call waiting" on a conventional phone.

Intercom Mode

The NetVision Phone supports an "intercom" mode, whereby one Phone may communicate with any number of NetVision Phones in a two-way push-to-talk walkie-talkie-like mode

PBX Connectivity Solutions

The NetVision Phone is designed to work with your existing phone system via a gateway through a standard analog or IP extension. The use of a gateway provides seamless access to desktop phones, PBX-provided supplementary services (i.e., transfer, conference, etc.), and zone-distant phone support.

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