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Niceprint Colour Processors


Niceprint Colour Processors

Olympus E-300 Digital SLR


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Description :
The 8 million pixel Olympus E-300 digital SLR has a lean and unconventional form, as a result of replacing the penta prism by a TTL Optical Porro Finder. It combines full SLR performance, perfect handling and a reasonable price.

Based on the Four-Thirds Standard, this compact SLR model is compatible with the complete range of Olympus Digital SLR-System accessories, including high-precision lenses. The optices feature near telecentric construction to draw maximum performance from the camera's Full Frame Transfer CCD. It incorporates a Supersonic Wave Filter that ensures dust and other foreign particles do not interfere with the function of the CCD.

The TruePic TURBO image processor further boosts picture quality and the processing speed. The Olympus E-300 comes in a kit with a 14-45mm ZUIKO DIGITAL zoom.

The size and unusual SLR shape is the first thing everyone will notice about the new model. And the benefits can be seen immediately as well. Avid users who always like to have a camera with them, such as on a hike or city visit, will certainly welcome the lighter, more compact load. The dimensions could be reduced by replacing the penta prism ? which is so characteristic of many SLRs ? with a TTL Optical Porro Finder. The subsequent redesign of the housing above the lens meant there was even space for a built-in flash within its ergonomic body.

Olympus E-300 brings the advantages of the FourThirds Standard, previously only available in professional systems, to many more photographers. FourThirds was jointly developed by Olympus and Kodak especially for digital capture and sets standards on three levels ? mechanical, optical and communication ? to maximise the performance of camera body, image sensor and lenses.

Dust entering SLRs when swapping lenses is virtually impossible to prevent. Even very minute particles can ruin shots if they land on the CCD. To save users the time and cost of cleaning the chip, the camera offers an ingenious solution. Developed by Olympus, the Supersonic Wave Filter generates ultra-high-speed vibrations to shake off dust and/or other particles, which are then captured on a special adhesive part. This function is invoked at each start-up of the camera but may also be manually effected.

With a full combination of photographic functions plus the user-friendly menu and controls, the Olympus E-300 lets serious amateurs give full expression to their artistic vision. For example, selecting between single AF, continuous AF and manual focus or the different exposure modes is effortless. Compatibility with a vast range of system accessories, including all Olympus E-System lenses, extends the creative possibilities even further. There are currently nine interchangeable lenses available for this model. All are based on the FourThirds Standard and feature the nearly telecentric construction required by digital image sensors for perfect colour, clarity and brightness ? from the centre to the periphery of the frame.

The Full Frame Transfer CCD (FFT CCD) ensures the maximum amount of image data is recorded. In comparison to its Interline Transfer counterparts, which are found in the majority of digital models, the FFT CCD has a larger pixel area, with bigger photodiodes and transfer channels. This means more electrons can be captured. A high signal/noise ratio can therefore be achieved together with a wider dynamic range. The end results benefit from more exposure latitude, greater detail and less noise. The TruePic TURBO image processor further contributes to picture quality and helps speed up the image recording process.

Affordable; compact and light enough for everyday use; equipped for full creative expression and sensational results: this is the Olympus E-300. Besides the 14?45mm ZUIKO DIGITAL lens (which is included in the Kit), new lenses including the 40?150mm ZUIKO DIGITAL are also available, as well as the external flash unit FL-36 and power battery holder HLD-3. All are planned for release at the end of 2004. The camera is further compatible with the majority of professional photography equipment in the Olympus E-System range.

features :
8 Megapixel Consumer Digital SLR
Olympus E-300 is the first consumer-type interchangeable-lens digital SLR to incorporate an 8-megapixel CCD, the E-300 provides unprecedented high definition and excellent resolution that will satisfy every user. Thanks to the Four Thirds System - which was developed exclusively for digital SLRs, the tremendous potential of the 8-megapixel CCD is maximised. Similarly, the CCD and the exclusive Zuiko Digital lens reinforce each other, enhancing the performance of both. The combination of an exclusive lens with the high-powered 8.0-megapixel 4/3-type CCD results in absolutely superb images that maintain the highest quality from one edge to another.

The E-300's superb image quality is made possible by an 8-megapixel 4/3-type Full-Frame Transfer CCD that boasts an area 4 to 5 times greater than the interline transfer CCDs used in ordinary compact digital cameras. Originally developed for motion-picture video cameras, interline transfer CCDs have light shields that mask a substantial portion of the signal transfer area, reducing the size of the light reception area that determines the resulting image quality. The E-300's Full-Frame Transfer CCD, on the other hand, has only a small masked area with an integrated signal transfer area, allowing it to receive much more light. This wider exposure latitude allows the Full-Frame Transfer CCD to capture a much richer range of gradations, greatly enhancing the quality of the resulting images.

Innovative design
The size and shape of the Olympus E-300 is strikingly different. But the camera doesn

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Niceprint Colour Processors

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