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Niceprint Colour Processors

Nikon Coolpix S1 Digital Camera


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Description :
Nikon COOLPIX S1 Digital Camera -- The Smallest and Thinnest Nikon camera and the first with a 2.5" LCD Screen.

Nikon has today announced its first ultra-slim digital camera, the Coolpix S1. The S1 has a five megapixel CCD, a three times folded-optics zoom lens (a first in a Coolpix) and a 2.5" LCD monitor (another Coolpix first). The S1 also features some Coolpix technology such as Face Priority AF, in-camera red-eye fix and D-Lighting. The (admittedly pretty stylish) Coolpix S1 will be available in three colors; black, silver and white.
Nikon is pleased to announce the introduction of the Coolpix S1, a high-quality compact digital camera with a stylish appearance. The Coolpix S1 has a sleek aluminum exterior and is available in three distinctive colours - Pure Silver, Ivory White and Ebony Black - to suit every individual style. The camera has super slim dimensions (depth: 19.7mm) and a lens that can function throughout its entire range without protruding from the camera body.

The Coolpix S1 has 5.1 megapixels and a powerful 35-105mm 3x Zoom-Nikkor ED† lens (35mm equivalent), which allow it to deliver sharp results with true-to-life colour. It also features a large, bright 2.5-inch LCD monitor which makes it easy to compose shots and play back the results with 110,000-dot clarity - eliminating the need for a viewfinder. The Coolpix S1 has also been specially designed for easy operation, with a Graphic User Interface (GUI) that allows the user to select functions by either name or icon and a handy help button that displays explanations for functions on the main menu.

Beautiful Pictures in Three Simple Steps!With improved designs and exciting new exclusive technology, Nikon has narrowed the picture-taking process down to three simple steps – turn on the camera, frame the shot and snap the picture. It’s that simple!

Imagine a camera smart enough to find a face in a portrait shot. Nikon’s new Face-priority AF function can do just that when selected through the Portrait Scene Mode. As its name suggests, Face-priority AF ensures that faces remain in focus when shooting portraits by automatically sensing the presence of a human face within the frame and setting accurate focus accordingly. The result is a sharp portrait with the press of a button.

Beyond faces, the Nikon Coolpix S1 can also automatically detect and fix red-eye directly within the camera. The S1 boasts Nikon’s renowned In-Camera Red-Eye Fix™ technology, which detects and corrects red eyes in most typical situations without the need to press buttons or select and highlight the eyes in playback. Without the hassle of additional software, photographers will experience less red-eye photos yielding print-ready portraits.

The new Coolpix S1 also uses intelligent technology to help ensure a balanced exposure and sharpness. Nikon’s exclusive new D-Lighting function is another addition that can literally turn throwaway shots into frame-able memories. The D-Lighting feature can be selected in Playback mode — automatically compensating for insufficient flash or excessive back lighting in order to obtain balanced exposure throughout the frame. The S1 is also equipped with Blur Warning, another feature unique to Nikon which alerts the user when a shot is compromised by camera or hand shake, allowing another shot to be taken before leaving the scene.

To further address a common need among digital camera users, Nikon has also focused its technology to reducing power consumption, allowing the Coolpix S1 to take significantly more shots per battery charge, using the camera’s rechargeable EN-EL8 lithium-ion battery.

To add speed to precision, the Coolpix S1 offers continuous shooting at 1.8 fps. The blazing speed even continues into the startup time, with the Coolpix S1 starting up in less than 2 seconds.

Like all the other cameras in the successful Coolpix range, the Coolpix S1 offers a selection of handy scene modes that makes it easy to get good results in every day situations. The camera has seventeen scene modes, four of which feature Scene Assist, to allow the user to select the one best suited to the subject, be it sunset or portrait, and then leave the camera to select the best settings automatically. The Coolpix S1 has a new “underwater” mode, which is designed for use with the optional waterproof case WP-CP5, to allow the user to take good shots when snorkeling or scuba diving to depths of up to 40 meters.

Nikon COOLPIX S1 Feature Highlights

Stylish design
The Coolpix S1 has its own distinct style. Its sleek aluminium finish gives it a look of sophistication, while its super slim dimensions achieved through advanced electronic engineering make it both pleasing to the eye and highly comfortable in the hand. The elegant Coolpix S1 also features a significantly enlarged TFT LCD monitor. Measuring 2.5 inches across and delivering the clarity of 110,000 dots, it makes it easy to compose shots and view recorded images. The Coolpix logo has also been recreated to be more slender with gentle curves that complement the smooth lines of the camera body. The Coolpix S1 is available in a choice of Pure Silver, Ebony Black and Ivory White* to suit the user’s individual sense of style.

Greater energy efficiency for longer battery life
The Coolpix S1 has been specially designed for low power consumption that enables batteries to last longer, so users can spend more time shooting and less time recharging. In fact, the Coolpix S1 can take up to an impressive 200 shots using a single EN-EL8 Rechargeable battery.

Swift response
As a direct result of Nikon’s engineering expertise, the Coolpix S1 has been created to deliver more satisfying, responsive performance. Not only is the Coolpix S1 quicker to start up than many other compact digital cameras in its class, but it also offers swift continuous shooting at a rate of up to 1.8 frames per second.

In-camera image improvement
The Coolpix S1 makes it easy for virtually anyone to achieve pleasing results. With 5.1 effective megapixels and a 35-105mm 3x Zoom-Nikkor ED lens (35mm equivalent), the Coolpix S1 captures scenes with clarity and faithful colour. Furthermore, it also has a clever set of features with the power to actually improve images in-camera. The In-Camera Red-Eye Fix function detects the annoying red eye effect caused by flash and then corrects it automatically in-camera to produce pleasing night portraits. Nikon’s impressive D-Lighting function automatically compensates for excessive back light or insufficient flash — keeping brighter parts of images as they are while adding light and detail to darker areas. The Coolpix S1 also features the new Face-priority AF function, which detects human faces in the frame, then provides optimal focus on them for sharp, satisfying results. The Coolpix S1 even features a handy Blur Warning function too, which alerts the user of images compromised by camera shake, so they can recompose and shoot again before leaving the scene.

* Available colours and names of colours may differ by country or area.

features :
Nikon COOLPIX S1 Major Features

Easy-to-carry dimensions of 89.9 x 57.5 x 19.7mm (3.5 x 2.3 x 0.8in.) (W x H x D)
Light weight of approximately 118g (4.0 oz.) (without battery and memory card)
BSS (Best Shot Selector) automatically selects and saves the best exposure from ten sequential shots
4 of the 17 Scene Modes offer Scene Assist (Portrait, Night Portrait, Sports, Landscape)
3 movie modes with sound, plus Time-lapse movie mode
Noise Reduction automatically achieves more faithful colour reproduction in some Scene Modes
Time zone function allows local time to be set easily anywhere
Voice recording Mode records up to 30 minutes of audio, or up to 5 hours with a 256 MB SD card
All buttons located on camera back for easy operation
4x digital zoom capability
Single AF and Continuous AF selectable in Movie Mode
Choice of white balance: Auto with TTL control, 5-mode manual (Daylight, Incandescent, Flourescent, Cloudy and Speedlight) and Preset
Options for playback: Single, 4- and 9-segment thumbnail, Slideshow
Built-in flash: features settings for Auto, Red-eye Reduction by pre-flash, Anytime flash, Flash cancel and Slow sync.

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