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Niceprint Colour Processors


Niceprint Colour Processors

Panasonic NV GS-75 (3 CCD MiniDV Camcorder)


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Kolhapur - India

Description :
The Panasonic NV-GS65 is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but is not short on innovative features. This camcorder incorporates the same type of 3CCD imaging system used in Panasonic's celebrated professional camcorders. Individual CCDs are used to reproduce the red, green and blue colors that compose an image for vivid, true-to-life pictures with remarkable depth and presence.

High-resolution digital still images can be captured via the GS75's built-in digital still camera feature, which records to a stamp-sized SD Memory Card. The 1.7-megapixel NV-GS75 features a 10x telescopic optical zoom lens; a 500x digital zoom that allows for amazing 500:1 clear, close-ups from wide angle to full telephoto zoom; and a Macro Zoom feature, which lets users shoot extreme close-ups at distances as near as 40cm. Transferring recorded video to a PC is also quick and easy via the USB port. The NV-GS75 also has miniDV outputs to maximize compatibility with the PC.

To steady shaky video, the NV-GS75 incorporates Digital Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS), which compensates for unintentional hand and camcorder movement, and a Soft Skin Detail function that detects skin's different tones and softens the focus to create a realistic blend.

features :
3CCD Camera System
The camera's CCD (charge-coupled device) plays a critical role picture quality. That's why Panasonic chose a 3CCD camera system - the type used in professional video camera. In this advanced system the incident light is split into its three primary colour components (red, green and blue), and the resulting signal from each is collected by one of the three CCDs. Compared with conventional 1CCD camera systems, Panasonic's advanced 3CCD system gives you greater beauty three different ways: natural colour tones, intricate detail, and smooth gradation
USB 2.0 (HS mode) / DV Data Streaming via USB & Motion DV Studio 5.3LE included
USB 2.0 compatibility gives you high-speed uploading of DV data to a PC over a single USB cable. Video Class compatibility allows real-time transfer of DV moving picture data over the same USB cable.
The included MotionDV STUDIO 5.3 LE application makes it easy to edit DV footage, so you can load images right into your PC for super-easy non-linear editing, add special effects, and dub in a soundtrack - create your own polished, professional looking movies for keepsakes.

Soft Skin Detail
This function detects skin tones and softens the focus in those areas, making complexions look more attractive. Wrinkles and lines seem to disappear.
Tele Macro Mode
Just press a button and you're ready to shoot macro close-ups of subjects a mere 40 cm from the lens. The subject will have a clear, sharp focus, while the background focus is softened.
Power LCD
Simply press the Power LCD button and the LCD becomes brighter, making it easier to see outdoors or in other bright locations. Also, a new scanning technology allows the LCD to show diagonal lines more sharply.
Crystal Engine & 3D RGB Frame Noise Reduction
The noise reduction system uses a noise-shaping filter (first dimension) to remove the rough, highly visible noise. Next, it extracts and analyses data from several adjacent pixels in the horizontal and vertical directions (second dimension), and removes any parts that it determines to be noise. Finally, the process is applied to the time axis (third dimension), where it extracts and analyses several frames, and again removes parts that it determines to be noise. The result is a better noise-reduction performance than conventional systems provide. The noise reduction is particularly effective when shooting at low illumination, so you can capture clear, sharp images even at night or when lights are low.

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Niceprint Colour Processors

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