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Wanteng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd


Wanteng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

USB Compound Hub


A Quality Product from
Wanteng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd [View Profile]
wenzhou - China

Description :
The USB Compound Hub and peripheral controller is specifically designed for implementing a wide range of USB hub devices including those with embedded functions such as Ir remote controls, IrDA and wireless communications, monitor controllers etc.. The device includes the USB repeater and hub controller blocks together with an embedded EMCU micro-controller and many associated peripheral blocks to perform the embedded functions. Included is support for legacy devices such as PS/2 keyboards and mice, serial and parallel ports and a master/slave Access Bus ( I2C ) controller for monitor applications. Firmware is in a low-cost external OTP ROM which allows maximum flexibility for many different product configurations.

With its 7 downstream ports and support for self powered or bus powered power sources and gang switched or per-port switched USB power management the USB Compound Hub represents a very wide ranging and flexible solution for most USB hub requirements whilst its low external part count keeps manufacturerp roduct cost to a minimum.

The USB Compound Hub wide ranging capabilities make it the ideal choice for application areas such as stand-alone hub boxes ( self or bus powered ) with value added functions such as Ir multi-media wireless remote and game-pad controllers, USB monitor-hubs with extended Ir capabilities, USB keyboard hubs etc. The USB Compound Hub uses 3.3 volt process technology which lowers power consumption and reduces electrical noise emissions thus making it easier for products using this device to conform to FCC and CE emission requirements.

features :
Integral high speed USB interface (UPI) and hub repeater / controller block
compliant with USB Specification 1.0
Integral EMCU micro-controller with external OTP ROM, 256 byte data
memory, timer and parallel I/O ports.

Up to 7 USB downstream ports and 1 upstream USB port.

Support for self powered and bus powered device configurations.

Gang switched or Per-Port switched power management support.

Support for IrDA standard SIR and CIR wireless communication protocols.

Support for FT-Ir multimedia remote control, Ir game-pad and Monitor Remote controller transmitter device.

Master / Slave Access Bus ( I2C ) controller for USB Monitor-HUB applications.

Low power USB Suspend / Resume mode

3.3 volt technology provides consistent performance over the entire operating
voltage spectrum of USB, and eliminates USB drop and droop voltage supply problems

Reduced electrical noise emission through the use of 3.3v technology helps products to conform with FCC and CE electrical interference regulations.

Low component count even for applications with embedded functions.
Max 12 Mbps data transfer rate-perfect for high-speed scanners, video, printers and more devices.
Suppot windows 98/Me/2000,MacOS PnP
Supports both Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) and Universal Host Controller Interface (UHCI)
Hot Pluggable
Per Port Overcurrent Detection and protection.
LED Status Indicators
Support USB Version 1.1
Auto-detecting & speed testing on devices.

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Wanteng Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Manufacturers & Exporters of Computer Accessories Especially For With USB Interface, Network Device, Notebooks/Laptops, New Product, Others.

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