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Moving Message Displays

Dehra dun

A Quality Product from
Dehra Dun - India

Description :
Display Matrix : 9 characters in 7x56 , 2.5" high character LED configuration.
Power Supply : 220v AC
Dimensions : Display Unit: 25 inches X 7 inches X 1.5 inches appx.
Control Unit: 6 inches X 7 inches X 2 inches appx.( fixed on back side of display unit )
Compatible with any Computer Keyboard.(Not Included)

Moving Message Displays are ideal for all type of commercial establishments like Hotels, Restaurants, Retail Shops, Banks, Airports, Clinics, Hospitals and other such places to get maximum attention of people . These displays attract customers to watch the display with curiosity and your scrolling message also is conveyed simultaneously .
Very good advertising results are obtained from these unique displays with latest technology. You can change the message as often as you want your self with ordinary computer keyboard without any prior experience of any kind.
Available in various sizes and are also made to custom requirements.
Also available models with PC serial port command operation at extra charges.

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We are reputed manufacturers and exporters of a large variety of high quality electronic products like : bank token number displays, moving message displays, water level controllers and indicators, FM intercoms, Electronic medical instruments, fetal dopplers, heartbeat monitors with IR finger/earlobe clip sensors,alarms and security systems, cctv systems ,electronic educational / trainer kits,Electronic test instruments, Telephone Analyzer, telephone tester, Frequency counter, custom made projects and gadgets etc.
Medical Instruments - Fetal Heartbeat Monitor [Ultrasonic Doppler], Digital Pulse Meter with Infra-Red Finger Clip / Earlobe Sensor.
Intercom Systems - FM Wireless Duplex Interphones, FM Wireless Touch & Talk Interphone, Handsfree Remote Monitoring Intercom Connects upto 99 remote locations, Door Talking Bell.
Duplex 2 Wire Intercom - Duplex Hands free Interphone, Home / Office Automation Systems
Token Number Displays, Moving Message Displays, Caller-ID Displays, Automatic Water Level Controllers, Automatic Water Level Indicators, Automatic Phone Call Recorder.
Alarms and Timers Vibration Sensor Alarm, Automatic Timer Switch, Single Digit Clock.
Electronic Test Instruments - Telephone Analyzer/ Caller-ID Tester, Frequency Counters up to 100MHz.

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