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JetStream8500 Serial Server


A Quality Product from
Banglore - India

Description :
High-density Serial/Access Server :
A Multi-purpose Network Serial/Access Server for Larger Sites - JetStream8500 offers an integrated multifunction solution for serial and parallel networking applications. Cutting the cost of ownership and the need for multiple units, JetStream8500 can act as a Terminal Server, Remote Access Server, and for Modem Pooling.
Several models are available, with either 16 EIA-232 or EIA-422 serial ports, or 24, 32 and 48 EIA-232 serial ports, all providing up to 230 Kbps connection speed per port. All come in a slim attractive enclosure suitable for tabletop or rack mounting. Other Perle Serial Servers can be used to increase the number of serial or LAN ports, or to provide Wide Area Network connectivity.

features :
High-performance, integrated, multi-function networking solution
Flexible remote access server
Extremely easy to configure
Trueport COM Port Re-director Utility for Terminal Server application.
Local or remote configuration
Local or remote upgrades
International language customization
Network management
Comprehensive suite of RAS security features
Lifetime Warranty for security and peace of mind in critical applications.

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Supplier & Exporter of fiber connectors, attenuators and adapters, optic fiber distribution frames, terminal/serial servers, console servers, multi-port serial cards, USB to serial adapter, multi-modem cards, remote access servers, routers and print servers, RF Repeaters, FRLS Cables, Optical Fiber Products, Ethernet Switches, Routers, LAN Modems, Data Service Unit, Channel Service Unit, MIDAS Stream Optical Fiber Products - Patch cords compliant with JIS, IEC, bell core test spec, Optical fiber connectors, Optical fiber adaptors, Optical fiber attenuators, Optical fiber attenuators, Optical link & systems, Data/audio/video optical links, Optical fiber coupler, Wave length division multiplexer, FDF & optical termination panels, cards & case, FIBER OPTIC MEDIA CONVERTERS High Performance Ethernet switches, Prime access switches, Stackable access switches, Routers, NSB-2300 LAN MODEMS, DSU (Data Service Unit), CSU (Channel service unit), MIDAS-STREAM (T3-CSU) CONSOLE SERVERS - SERIAL/TERMINAL SERVERS, PRINT SERVERS, DIRECT SERIAL CONNECTIVITY, REMOTE ACCESS SOLUTIONS, AS400 CONNECTIVITY FLEXIBLE FLAT CABLES, COAXIAL CONNECTORS & CABLES, OUT DOOR & IN DOOR SM & MM FIBER OPTIC CABLES, UTP CABLES (CAT 5e & CAT6)

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