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CS9000 Console Server


A Quality Product from
Banglore - India

Description :
As corporate networks and server farms grow in size and complexity, the ability to monitor and manage these networks and keep them up and running has never been more important. Console port management is an application that allows the secure management of servers and network devices locally or remotely over in-band or out-of-band network paths. It complements in-band management tools with a remote access path to devices, even when the main network is down.

Value proposition :
Reduce Network downtime: If your network is down you can still have Immediate secured access to servers and network appliances via an out-of-band connection. This will allow you to get your network up and running faster than ever before whether you are on-site or across the globe.
Reduce Technical Department resource costs: Shared technical resources over larger geographical distances reduce data center cost. You no longer need an administrator on-site at each office to trouble-shoot.
Reduce equipment and maintenance costs: Manage multiple simultaneous console windows with one LAN workstation and replace multiple dumb screens with a single PC and Console Server. Think of all space you will save by removing the keyboard and monitor form from your servers.
Save time (which equals money): If you have already removed the keyboard and monitor from your servers, and you do not have a console server, you are probably carrying a laptop from server to server to network appliance. With a console server you do not need to physically walk around and connect your laptop to each console port, disconnect and then connect to the next device.

The Perle Solution : The Perle CS9000 Console Server provides a simple and cost-effective solution for large corporate environments, Internet Service Providers, Application Service Providers and telecommunications companies to securely monitor and manage their networks and keep them up and running.

Security : Keeping hackers out of your network is vital and, having secure access to monitor and manage remote servers and network devices is an absolute requirement in today’s diverse environments. With the Perle CS9000 Console Server you can do both: The Perle CS9000 provides :

SSH (secure socket shell) allowing administrators to connect securely over encrypted links
The ability to disable unused daemons such as Telnet, SNMP, HTTP, SSH, DHCP etc. This allows network administrators to further prevent security violation to the CS9000.
Limited packet filtering to prevent unauthorized systems gaining access to the CS9000. This can be used to effectively ‘hide’ the CS9000 from hackers on the network.
Radius, Local and back-up user authentication so only those users with access rights can get into your LAN.
Line Access Rights per port enables an administrator to limit user access to specific ports and devices.
Multi-session capability secures access rights for multiple users.

features :
A console server must make the life of the network administrator easier and save the company money. The Perle CS9000 provides.

8, 16, 24, 32 or 48 RS232 device management ports in a 1U, 10/100MB rack-mount unit
AC and 48v DC models for telecom equipment management applications.
Sun Safe - the Perle CS9000 does not send the "break signal" during power cycle preventing costly server re-boots or downtime.
The largest Port Buffers in the industry capture, timestamp and store messages from attached devices even when the administrator is not connected. When an administrator connects to a port he will have the option to view these buffers and therefore be able to view any important messages the attached device has generated. The enhanced timestamping feature records events by the 'second' either through the CS9000's internal clock or synchronized with an external NTP or SNTP time server on the network. Want to store more data than the port buffer can hold? Enable Perle’s secure unlimited remote buffer data storage. This allows system information to be captured, 3DES encrypted, stored on a LAN based NFS host, decrypted, viewed and stored all at the leisure of the administrator. Perle offers the only Console Server with the feature.
The Multi-Session feature allows multiple users simultaneous connection to a specific port on the CS9000 based upon the user rights for that port. The user connection allows the sending of messages, killing sessions and changing to various connection modes dynamically through a single initial connection based on the user's rights.
Management of Windows 2003 Servers - by using Microsoft Emergency Management Services (EMS) via the COM port. This allows an administrator back-up access to servers, even when the GUI has frozen, to resolve a problem or failure thus saving valuable time and resources.
Easy Port Access – To eliminate the need to administrators to know which devices and servers are connected to each console server, the Perle CS9000 provides a menu to each user connected via Telnet or SSH showing a list of port name and user created descriptor fields. Through the menu the user and select and be automatically connected to the port of their choice.
Ease of set-up – The Perle CS9000 is renowned for its user-friendly local and remote configuration tools. When poised against the alternatives, 9 out of 10 users preferred Perle.
Free Flash upgrades – Perle provides free firmware upgrades to be installed locally or remotely to protect the investment of the users and simplify management
Standard network management integrates seamlessly with existing configuration commands.

Product Applications :
Secure access to monitor and manage remote servers and network devices
Server Farm Management in which hundreds or even thousands of computers and network appliances are rack mounted to provide storage and computing power
Single point of access for Network Application Management of any network device with a console management port including Routers, Telecom Equipment, Remote Access Servers, Firewalls, PBX's, Raid Systems, Backup Solutions, Switches, Environmental Controls, etc.

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