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Ningbo Jinyuan (G.S) Electricity Co., Ltd.


Ningbo Jinyuan (G.S) Electricity Co., Ltd.



A Quality Product from
Ningbo Jinyuan (G.S) Electricity Co., Ltd. [View Profile]
Ningbo - China

Description :
This product is a relay-type high accuracy household voltage stabilizer. Using it can regulate the big range fluctuating voltage into a general voltage output. An ideal stabilized power source for modern household purpose. low power consumption. Safe and reliable .Large range of stabilization. Input voltage:AC160V-250V Output voltage:AC220V+8%or AC110V+8% With over current protector With display of output voltage

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Ningbo Jinyuan (G.S) Electricity Co., Ltd.

We are manufacturers and exporters of power supplies products. Our products include:- -A.C VOLTAGE REGULATOR POWER SUPPLY -SVC automatic voltage regulator -AVR automatic voltage regulator -ST-XXXW4 automatic A.C. Voltage regulator -AR automatic voltage regulator -CVR automatic voltage regulator -AVR-XXXS automatic voltage regulator -TDGC2 contact voltage regulator -SVC3 fully three-phase A.C. Voltage regulator   -13.8V standard DC regulated power supply -13.8V economic DC regulated power supply -13.8V DC plastic power supply -13.8V DC switch power supply -Single/dual output adjustable DC power supply -Educational power supply -Universal AC/DC adaptor -DC-DC converter -STEP UP & DOWN TRANSFORMERS DC-AC INVERTER -ST step-up & down transformer -TC A.C step up/step down transformer -THG A.C step up/down transformer -THG-XXXS step-up & down transformer -Small travel voltage converter   DC-AC inverter (switch power type) -DC-AC inverter (transformer type) -Emergency DC-AC inverter -AMPLIFIER SOCKET -PA table power amplifier -Car Amplifier   -Plug adapters -Power strip -UPS -CB ACCESSORIES -UPS -FAX auto UPS   -SWR meter -Oscilloscope -BATTERY CHARGER -GENERATOR -DF Seires battery charger   -GS series generator -SOLAR MODULES -B/W TV tuner -Autenna tuner -Emergency light   -Solar modules with tempered glass

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