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Grand Hero Technology Development Limited


Grand Hero Technology Development Limited

Repair Station ( GH-Aoyue-486 )


A Quality Product from
Grand Hero Technology Development Limited [View Profile]
Shenzhen - China

Description :
Aoyue 486 : Smoke Absorber
Aoyue 932 : Vacuum Pick -up
Aoyue 939 : Vacuum Suction Pencil
Aoyue 393 : Versatile Professional Tools
Aoyue 921 : Metal Detector.

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Grand Hero Technology Development Limited

Manufacturers & Exporters of Digital products (MP3 players, MP4 players, harddisk MP4, memory cards), computer products (PC cameras, TFT monitors, card readers), telecom products (Bluetooth products, unlock instruments, data cables, LCD, chargers, batteries, handfree).

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