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Firstsing Company Limited


Firstsing Company Limited

XB026 XBox Fishing Rod


A Quality Product from
Firstsing Company Limited [View Profile]
China - China

Description :
Thanks for purchasing XBOX 677 fishing rod! It will let you get back to nature and experience the struggle of man versus fish in the most comprehensive bass fishing simulation game available on the Xbox.

We specially designed MARCO setting function for this product to make it compatible with different games? throwing lure out and pulling it back action. With it you can exchange all buttons? function (A?B?X?Y?OB?OW?L?R?Rocker ) freely to enjoy all kinds of XBOX fishing games.
Instruction Manual contains important health and safety information that you should read and understand before using this product.

2. Function introduction:
This product is for XBOX fishing games only. Its expansion slot will let you use other online equipments conveniently and save your high records when you play XBOX Live.
3. Equipments required:
XBOX console ; XBOX fishing rod; TV set & XBOX fishing games.

a. START button: Star game, display Pause Menu or confirm menu selections sometimes.
b. BACK button: Cancel menu selections
c. DIRECTION (Up?Down?Left?Right) buttons: Select casting motion or menu items
d. OW?OB?L?X?Y?A?B buttons: carry out different functions according to game.
e. MARCO button: set all buttons? function freely. For example, you can set button B?s function as button A via MARCO button.
Details see below:
Suppose you have a fishing rod on hand, and press button B will pull up lure after casting. Now press MARCO button about 1 sec and get ready for button setting. The indicator flashes 50 times/second - press button A then you will see the indicator flashes faster than before (100 times/second) - press button B and the indicator stop flashing. Button B function has been set as Button A.
l Cancel the function you set: press MARCO button till the indicator flashes (about 1 sec) and get ready for button setting. Keep pressing MARCO button till (about 2 seconds) the indicator flashes slowly. You can cancel the function you set now. Press the button you set before then it will go back to its original function.

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Firstsing Company Limited

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