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Uniden SS E15 Cordless


A Quality Product from
DEAF-QUIP [View Profile]
Christchurch - New Zealand

Description :
Introducing the cordless phone ideal for the hearing impaired, those with visual problems, noisy homes and workplaces or even quiet areas. Uniden has carved out another niche for itself in the cordless telephone market with the release of its ?safety phone?. The new SS E15 cordless phone features an extra loud ringing volume and bright red visual ringer making it ideal for the visually or hearing impaired.

Recognising the importance of telecommunication among the elderly or those who may be visually or hearing challenged, the SS E15 is designed to overcome the limitations of making and receiving calls on a regular handset. In addition to its distinctive red ringer the SS E15 features a large backlit keypad for easy dialing. It also includes an audio boost and manual volume controls on the handset.

Ideal for use in quiet areas the new cordless phone can be programmed for silent operation. The flashing red handset and base alerts users to incoming calls. This 2.4GHz phone system utilises Uniden?s Sound Clarity & Range technology to deliver clear sound that is compatible with hearing aids. Offering the essentials, the safety phone includes caller ID display, 30 caller ID memories, built-in pager and a super chat battery with lots of talk time.

features :
- Designed and Engineered in Japan
- 2.4GHz SCR Technology (Sound Clarity and Range)
- Visual Call Indication
- Visual Call Indication on Handset/Base
- Large Backlit LCD Display and Keypad
- Large Easy-To-Read Display Buttons
- Visual Message Waiting* and New Call Indicator Extra Loud Audio Controls
- Extra Loud Earpiece Volume Control
- 3 Step Visual Ringer Control
- 7 Type Ringer Tone Settings
- Ringer Off Option Advanced Alpha Display Caller ID*
- Caller ID Capable* (Type 1 and Type 2)
- POP ID* - Caller Name Identification
- 30 Caller ID Memories*
- Alpha Memory Dialling
- Hearing Aid Compatibility
- One Touch Emergency Dial
- 3 Line Backlit Full Dot Matrix LCD Display
- 14 Day Battery Standby Time
- Up to 7 hours Talk Time
- Wall or Desk Mountable
- 10 Speed Dial Memory Locations
- Find Handset
- Redial Button (up to 32 digits)
- Flash Button (Call Waiting Compatible)
- Belt Clip Included
- Headset Compatible And More!

* Caller ID, POP ID and Visual Message Waiting features only work if you subscribe to the service provided by your local telephone company. There is usually a fee for this service. Caller ID Type 2 service is currently not available in New Zealand.

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Manufacturers and Distributors/Wholesalers of assistive devices. Our product range includes: -Amplified Phones -Phone Amplifiers -H/Aid Batteries -Clocks & Watches -TV Listening Devices -TTYs / TDDs -Notification Systems -Fax Machines -Baby Monitors -Phone Signalers -Door Signalers -Smoke Alarms -Stethoscopes -Accessories

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