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MyTTY Software


A Quality Product from
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Christchurch - New Zealand

Description :
myTTY enables a computer to handle TTY calls. myTTY is a computer program that runs under the Microsoft Windows operating system. If the computer is equipped with a voice modem (the type of modem typically sold with computers), myTTY will make the computer perform like a TTY. myTTY allows your computer to communicate with any Baudot TTY over a telephone line.

myTTY is for anyone who wants to communicate with a TTY and has a PC computer with a voice modem. It can save hundreds of dollars as compared to the cost of buying a traditional TTY. The low cost of myTTY puts TTY communication within reach of friends and relatives who would not otherwise buy a TTY. It makes having TTY communication more cost effective for deaf people as well.

TTYs communicate in Baudot code. This is a code that uses 1400Hz and 1800Hz tones that are sent over a telephone line as audio. TTYs have hardware inside them that understands these tones and changes them to characters that people can read. TTYs also have hardware that generates and sends these tones when a character is typed on the TTY.

myTTY does this all in software. It uses a voice modem to get a TTY audio stream into the computer, analyzes this audio stream mathematically, and displays the Baudot characters it finds on the screen. To send Baudot characters, myTTY creates the needed tones mathematically and sends them out over the telephone line through the computer`s voice modem.

Requirements: myTTY is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP. It will not work on Windows NT 3.51 or earlier because these versions of Windows do not support TAPI; you will need a PC computer, a voice modem, a telephone line*, myTTY software.

*myTTY will work with a digital phone system only if the digital phone system has an analog connection available (data port). Future versions will allow the software to work with digital phone lines.

Please note: Only compatible with a voice modem, please ensure this is installed on your computer before purchasing.

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Manufacturers and Distributors/Wholesalers of assistive devices. Our product range includes: -Amplified Phones -Phone Amplifiers -H/Aid Batteries -Clocks & Watches -TV Listening Devices -TTYs / TDDs -Notification Systems -Fax Machines -Baby Monitors -Phone Signalers -Door Signalers -Smoke Alarms -Stethoscopes -Accessories

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