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Acode System


Acode System

LK1600 Programmable Keyboard

Hong kong

A Quality Product from
Acode System [View Profile]
Hong Kong - Hong Kong

Description :
LK1600 : Programmable alphanumeric keyboard, 120 ProgrammableKeys, Mechanical Key Lock Switch, Wedge Interface, PS/2 I/F Cable, Daisy Chain Ports, Manual, Utility Software.
Ideal for Many Applications -
Only 16 inches (405 mm) wide, the LK1600 can fit in almost any workstation area. It includes an alphanumeric keyboard with a full compliment of 55 function and numeric keys and an optional magnetic stripe reader. Furthermore, the unit also has a PS/2 I/O port to enable the daisy-chaining of other input devices such as a scanner or check reader. The LK1600 programmable keyboard is thus an ideal solution for the retail, hospitality, travel, banking, and insurance industries.

Easy and Advanced Programming
The LK1600 is one of the easiest and most programmable keyboards on the market. All 120 keys are programmable and 38 keys are relegendable with transparent key caps. Using a powerful Windows-based programming utility that stores key definitions in a data file, an integrator can create a program layout for multiple keyboards, rather than programming key by key, keyboard by keyboard. The keys can be programmed with multiple shift levels to further increase the number of effective programmable keys, and a key lock switch is used to select the program layer ? e.g., manager override, department 1, department 2, etc.

Works with All Systems
Since the LK1600 comes with either a PS/2 or USB interface and is supported by both OPOS and JPOS drivers, it can be used on just about any Windows or Linux-based system. The LK1600 supports a true keyboard wedge function and can operate with or without another computer keyboard.

features :
120 key, programmable alphanumeric keyboard
Optional integrated credit card reader
All 120 keys are programmable; 38 keys are relegendable with transparent key caps
Multiple layers of key definitions and multiple shift levels
Keylock switch for layer selection
Programmed with a powerful Windows-based programming utility software
Create program layout for multiple keyboards

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Acode System

Supplying POS hardware including cash drawer, pole display, programmable keyboard, card reader and barcoding equipment. Our product range includes: Hardware - -Industrial Computer -Cash Drawer Barcode Scanner -Receipt Printer -Logic Net Programmable -Keyboard Data Terminal(Rental) -Label Printer -Touch Station -Card Reader -Printing Service -Rewritable Printer -Customer Display -Retail Scales We offer Services of : -the broadest line of POS products and applications -total POS (Point-of-Sales) and Bar Code Solution -full technical and consulting services to cover specialist problems -POS hardware customization and unique interface development tailor to specific applications -modern, efficient, and costs effective solutions to users -efficient and friendly services which guaranteed professionalism, quality, reliability and care -new technologies to meet escalating demands of reliable POS (Point-of-Sales) systems and provide flexible PC-based hardware -innovative design and advance state-of-the-art controller technologies

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