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Irvine - United States

Description :
Experience the same speed and ease of wireless networking with your CompactFlash Type I ready personal digital assistant (PDA) as you do with your laptop or desktop computer. The Wireless CompactFlash Card is a Type I CompactFlash card that connects directly to your PDA. Just plug it in, and you're ready to share data, printers, or high-speed Internet access over your existing wireless network. Plus, user-friendly software makes it a snap to set up. The Wireless CompactFlash Card is not only easy to install and use, but also powerful. Your PDA can send and receive data at speeds up to 11Mbps. A high-powered, built-in antenna keeps you connected at distances of up to 984 feet. The Wireless CompactFlash Card is also versatile and easily configurable through your PDA.

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We provides storage cards, computer back up tapes, GPS peripherals and hot new accessories for portable technologies. GPS Buyer Guide :- Please check with your PDA manufacturers before buying any product from us. Please feel free to contact us for any difficulty. You may not hold us responsible for the information listed here. GPS, BlueTooth & PDA :- GPS Receivers and Software PDA Mounts Wireless, Wi-Fi & GPRS PDA Peripherals PDA Car Charger PDA Keyboards & Cases PDA Software Wireless, Wi-Fi & GPRS FingerPrint ID Security Fingerprint USB Drive Fingerprint Hard Drives Fingerprint ID Mouse Fingerprint ID Keyboard Fingerprint Reader Digital Media :- CompactFlash : 32MB 4X-12X CF Card 64MB 4X-12X CF Card 128MB 4X-12X CF Card 256MB 4X-12X CF Card 256MB 22X-60X CF Card 512MB 4X-12X CF Card 512MB 22X-80X CF Card 1GB 4X-12X CF Card 1GB 22X-80X CF Card 2GB CF Card 4GB CF Card 8GB CF Card Memory Stick/ Pro/ Duo :- 32MB Memory Stick 64MB Memory Stick 128MB Memory Stick 256MB Memory Stick 512MB Memory Stick 1GB Memory Stick 2GB Memory Stick 4GB Memory Stick MiniSD :- 64MB SD Mini Cards 128MB SD Mini Cards 256MB SD Mini Cards 512MB SD Mini Cards 1GB SD Mini Cards MultiMedia :- 32MB MultiMedia Cards 64MB MultiMedia Cards 128MB MultiMedia Cards 256MB MultiMedia Cards 512MB MultiMedia Cards 1GB MultiMedia Cards Reduced Size MMC :- 128MB Reduced Size MMC 256MB Reduced Size MMC 512MB Reduced Size MMC Secure Digital :- 32MB Secure Digital Cards 64MB Secure Digital Cards 128MB Secure Digital Cards 256MB Secure Digital Cards 512MB Secure Digital Cards 1GB Secure Digital Cards SmartMedia :- 64MB SmartMedia Card 128MB SmartMedia Card TransFlash Card :- 64MB TransFlash Card 128MB TransFlash Card 256MB TransFlash Card XD Picture Card :- 32MB xD Picture Card 64MB xD Picture Card 128MB xD Picture Card 256MB xD Picture Card 512MB xD Picture Card PC Card Flash Memory :- 16MB PC Card Flash Memory 64MB PC Card Flash Memory 128MB PC Card Flash Memory 256MB PC Card Flash Memory 512MB PC Card Flash Memory USB Flash Drives :- 32MB USB Drive 64MB USB Drive 128MB USB Drive 256MB USB Drive 512MB USB Drive 1GB USB Drive 2.0GB USB Drive 4.0GB USB Drive Memory Adapter :- CompactFlash --> PC Card Adapter SmartMedia --> PC Card Adapter SM/SD/MMC/MS --> PC Card Adapter SD/MMC --> PC Card Adapter Secure digital --> CompactFlash Adapter SmartMedia --> Floppy Disk Adapter XD Card --> PC Card Adapter Memory Card Readers :- CompactFlash / IBM Microdrive Readers Secure Digital / MultiMedia Card Readers SmartMedia Card Reader Memory Stick Reader XD Picture Card Reader Multi-Card Readers Tape Media :- 8mm Tapes : 112M 2.5/5GB 8mm Tapes 160M 7/14GB 8mm Tapes 225M Mammoth AME Tapes 170M Mammoth AME Tapes <170M Mammoth AME Tapes AIT-1 8mm Tapes AIT-2 8mm Tapes AIT-3 8mm Tapes 8mm Cleaning Cartridge AIT-4 8mm Tapes 8mm VXA Tapes :- 8mm V6/X6 62M Tape 8mm V10/X10 107M/124M Tape 8mm V17 170M Tape 8mm V23/X23 230M Tape VXA Cleaning Tape 3590 Tapes. 9840 Tapes. Backup Media Cases :- DLT Storage Cases. LTO Storage Cases 3570 Storage Cases 3592 Storage Cases 8mm Storage Cases 9840/9940 Storage Cases Other Cases 3480/3490E/3590 Cases DAT / DDS [4mm] Tapes :- DDS / DAT 4mm Tapes DDS-2 4mm Tapes DDS-3 4mm Tapes DDS-4 4mm Tapes DDS-5 4mm Tapes DDS / DAT / 4mm Cleaning Tapes DTF DLT Tapes :- Super DLT 110/220GB 160/320GB 300/600GB Super DLT tape II 300/600GBSDLT 600 Super DLT Cleaning Cartridge DLT IV 20/40GB 35/70GB 40/80GB DLT IIIXT 15/30GB DLT III 10/20GB DLT Cleaning Cartridge DLT Tape VS1 DLT VS Cleaning Cartridge LTO Ultrium :- LTO Ultrium 1 LTO Ultrium 2 LTO Ultrium 3 LTO Ultrium Cleaning Cartridges Travan :- TR-5/TR-7/TR40 TR-3/TR-4/TR-8/NS8 Travan Cleaning Cartridge QIC 1/4 in. Media :- QIC DC6XXX SERIES QIC DC9XXX SERIES QIC CLEANING TAPE CARTRIDGE Other Media :- ZIP :- 100- 250MB > Both PC/MAC Format 100- 250MB > PC Formatted 100- 250MB > MAC Formatted 750MB Zip Disk JAZ :- JAZ FOR PC JAZ FOR MAC Magneto-Optical Disk :- 3.5 IN. 5.25IN --> 1X CAPACITY 600/650MB 5.25IN --> 2X CAPACITY 1.2/1.3GB 5.25IN --> 4X CAPACITY 2.3/2.6GB 5.25IN --> 8X CAPACITY 4.1/4.8/5.2GB 5.25IN --> 14X CAPACITY 9.1GB WORM Disk :- 2X CAPACITY 1.3GB 4X CAPACITY 2.6GB 8X CAPACITY 4.1/4.8/5.2GB 14X CAPACITY 8.6/9.1GB PDA Chargers.

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