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Irvine - United States

Description :
LockBox, a large-capacity portable biometric fingerprint access hard drive, uses a fingerprint sensor to restrict access to files, providing a high level of security for sensitive company and personal data for a variety of businesses and home users. The built-in, fingertip-size Active Imaging Sensor on the top outer panel of LockBox provides the most accurate fingerprint authentication available today. With various storage capacities LockBox can function as a single hard drive or be partitioned into a maximum of seven logical private drives. It allows enrollment by as many as eight authorized users, each with their own fingerprint access, making LockBox an ideal, easy-to-use secure data storage tool for a wide range of small businesses, including accounting firms, insurance agencies, law enforcement agencies, law offices, mortgage brokers and real-estate agencies, as well as home office workers and families. LockBox's Active Imaging Sensor captures high-quality fingerprint patterns using low-power radio frequency electric fields, a technique that reads fingerprints below the skin's surface. That ensures authorized users can gain access even when their hands are dry, oily, calloused or worn. The Active Imaging Sensor also can be used with other software designed for fingerprint authentication access. When LockBox recognizes an authorized user, a green light around the sensor and audiovisual feedback via the PC indicate that the authentication is confirmed. If access is denied, the sensor's red light is illuminated. If a fingerprint can't be read, the administrator can unlock LockBox two ways: through a password that is created during the initial installation; and through free, Internet-based 24/7 emergency unlock service with no pre-registration required.

Product Price :$201.74

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