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Vikram (I) Ltd.


Vikram (I) Ltd.

Moving Floor Belt Fermenentor


A Quality Product from
Vikram (I) Ltd. [View Profile]

Description :
The single most important factor affecting the quality of tea during processing is fermentation proper air supply, correct residence time, humidity level & controlled leaf temperature are essential ingredients for good fermentation.

The traditional system of floor fermentation has been widely accepted by the Tea Industry but it suffers from inherent disadvantages of requirement of large floor area besides being labour intensive, batch production type and difficult to optimally control the fermenting time.

A fully mechanised fermentation providing controls for fermentation time , air supply, humidity level and leaf temperature hence becomes a vital necessity for achieving better quality tea.

'Moving Floor' the belt fermentors from 'VIKRAM" offer all these features and much more.

'Moving Floor' is adaptable to both Orthodox & CTC tea processing systems.

'Moving Floor' aims at giving you qualitea closest to floor fermentation.

features :
Floor Space Saving :
'MOVING FLOOR' requires less floor space compared to floor/Gumlah fermentation. Upto 75% saving in space is achieved. In addition, you also save on cost of painting & maintainance of floor. New factories with MOVING FLOOR can be designed smaller & compact in size & construction cost can be saved.

Man Power Saving : 'MOVING FLOOR' is the answer to rising cost of manpower-practically no man power is required during fermenting process.

Easy Adaptability : The machine is available in multi-stage or multi-tier arrangement. Machine can be tailor made to suite different configurations as per customers needs & can be easily positioned between the CTCs & Dryers to make it on line manufacturing system

Drive : A study variable speed drive system provides wide variation in fermenting time from 30 minutes to 140 minutes.

High Out Put : Machines are available in various widths & lengths and can give outputs upto 1700 Kgs w/l per hour.

Even Fermentation : The spiral spreader at feed end, plough/leveller on each stage/tier and efficent air supply system ensures even fermentation.

Humidification Chamber : Specially-designed Humidification system consisting of Mist Chamber, Water eliminator, water pump etc. Ensures controlled supply of fresh, cool and humidified air at 95% RH to the machine. The supply of fresh, humidified oxygen lander air improves fermentaion and also helps cooling of tea bed, which ensures bright teas.

Unique About Belt Cleaning Mechanism(optional) : This unique system is incorporated to clean the belt continously on their return journey, thus eliminating the chances of bacterial contamination. U.V.Lights can be provided on the return circuits to prevent bacterial contamination, on request.

Improvement In Quality : Consistency in air supply & proper control of temperature help in improving the quality of "MADE TEA" The grades remain unaffected.

Detachable ball-breaker can be provided on request.
Ensures consistency in quality of tea.
Ensures hygienic working conditions.
Machine does not require any foundation.

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Vikram (I) Ltd.

Manufacturer of the complete range of Tea-Process Machinery & Equipment And Exporter of Writing paper, Food grains, Spices, Tissue paper and Skimmed Milk powder. PROCESSING EQUIPMENT : GREEN LEAF STORAGE THROUGH - Moving Bed, Static Bed WITHERING THROUGH - Open Type - Moving / Static Bed, Enclosed Type - Moving / Static Bed BALANCED LEAF SHIFTER - For Leaf Cleaning, For Orthodox Fine Shifting ROLLING TABLES OR TEA ROLLER - Single Action, Double Action ROLLED LEAF SHIFTER - Balanced Vibratory, Rotary Square Googhie H.R.S. GYROVANE (ROTORVANE) - Cone Type End Pressure Plate, Iris Type CTC MACHINE - Standard 8.5" Roller, Medium 9.5" Roller, Jumbo 13" Roller CONTINUOUS FERMENTING MACHINES - Multi - Tyre PVC Plain Belt Fermentor, Multi - Stage PVC Plain Belt Fermentor, Single / Multi - Stage PVC Perforated Belt Fermentor, Single / Multi - Stage PVC Woven Belt Fermentor, Perforated Tray Fermentor with Single Plenum Chamber, Perforated Tray Fermentor with Modular Plenum Chamber, Combination Belt and Tray Fermentor, Multi - Stage Tray Fermentor BATCH FERMENTING EQUIPMENT - Through Fermenting with Gamles, Trolley Fermenting DRYER - ECP Three - Circuit Tray Dryer, Vibratory Fluid Bed Dryer, Combination Dryer (ECP and VFBD) PRE-SORTER - Perforated Dimple Tray Myddleton, Meshed Jigger Sifter with / without Fibre Extraction Rollers FIBRE EXTRACTOR - 24" to 60" wide, 8" to 16" diameter PVC Rollers SORTER / GRADER - Multi - Deck Circular Vibro - Sorter, Multi - Deck Jigging Sorter - ARNOTT/MAKINTOSH, Single Deck Multi - Mesh Sorter with Fibre Extractor Rollers, Rotary Hexagonal Googhie Sorter (for Orthodox), Multi - Deck Balanced Pucca Sifter (for Orthodox) AUTO - BULKING STORAGE BINS - WITH OR WITHOUT, BIN LOADER AND/OR DE-HUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM PACKING & PACKETING MACHINES - Vibratory Chest / Sack Packing Machine, Tea Packeting Machines (50 - 500 gms) TEA BLENDING & BULKING SYSTEM AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT TO THE PROCESS MACHINES : FANS - Axial Flow Fans, Centrifugal Fans, Exhaust Fans AIR HEATERS - Direct Fire Heater (for Natural Gas & Special Furnace Oil for Tea), Indirect Fire Heater (for Wood & Coal), Steam Radiator (Steam from Boiler) HUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM (for CFM/Room) - Air Washer system, Wet Fogger, Dry Fogger, Evaporative Cooling Pad AIR-VOLUME CONTROL DAMPERS - Multi - Vane Type, Butterfly Type AUTO-WEIGHING MACHINE (ELECTRONIC) - Batch Weighing Type, Continuous Belt Weigher CONVEYORS - Belt Conveyors (PVC / Rubber / Cotton etc), Vertical Enclosed Bucket Elevators, Vibratory Conveyor (Feeder), Monorail Flight Conveyor SERVICING & UTILITY EQUIPMENT : CTC ROLLER SHARPENING MACHINE TOOLS & INSTRUMENTS - Milling Lathe, Chasing Lathe, Combined Milling - Cum - Chasing Lathe, General Purpose - Cum - Chasing Lathe, Chasing Tool & Milling Cutter Grinder, Roller Inspection Bench, Portable Roller Lifting Tackle OTHER MACHINE TOOLS AND INSTRUMENTS - General Purpose Lathe, Electric Welding Machine, Piller Drill, Bench Grinder, Gas Welding Set UTILITY ITEMS - Water Tanks with Pumps, Fuel Oil Tanks with Pumps, Machine Cleaning Equipment with Pressure Jet Water Pump, Air Compressors, Electrical Power Control & Distribution Panels, Motor Control Panels etc.

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