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Shihpei Electronics Co., Ltd.


Shihpei Electronics Co., Ltd.

PC Peripherals (EM-329 )


A Quality Product from
Shihpei Electronics Co., Ltd. [View Profile]
Taipei - Taiwan

Description :
Cord?G180cm with 3.5 phone plug

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Shihpei Electronics Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers of electronic products, audio products- (1) earphones (ear phones)- stereo, crystal radio & TV ear phones. (2) headphones- stereo headphones, studio headphones, IR headphones, TV headphones, RF headphones, surround head phones, phone headphones, USB headphones, motorcycle head phones, audio & mp3 headphones, remote & sports (sporting) head phones. (3) speakers- audio speakers, micro speakers, loud speakers, audio loud speaker, multimedia computer speakers, computer speakers, notebook speakers, monitors, speaker cones, speaker boxes design, build a speak boxes, building speaker boxes. (4) headsets- cell phone accessory, cellular ( mobile) phone & helmet headset, headset microphones. (5) microphones- clip type microphones, wear type microphones, neckband type microphones, condenser microphone units. (6) others- transducers, buzzers, receivers, speaker manufacturer, headset microphone, microphone manufacturer.

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