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Nokia 6233 Phone


A Quality Product from
Tokyo - Japan

Description :
All too often, many are forced to sacrifice their favorite entertainment qualities in a phone in order to survive in the business world. Equally, many are also forced to struggle in the workplace in order have a comfortable, stylish, and user-friendly phone with them. The new Nokia 6233 phone provides the perfect balance of business and pleasure - in a sleek, attractive design.

Whether it's for business or pleasure, the Nokia 6233 phone gives you the best of both worlds. Get quick access to important information via mobile broadband while listening to your favorite music files through stereo and 3D surround sound speakers. Write letters on the go to colleagues or friends with the enhanced Java email client. Connect easily over-the-air to your office or home PC to share or move information to and from your phone.

Whether you're taking 2-megapixel quality pictures while on vacation, or sending your boss video excerpts of your last client meeting, the Nokia 6233 phone bridges the gap between business and pleasure in modern mobile phones.

features :
A small, sleek mobile device with indulgent stainless steel - the perfect balance of features for both business and pleasure
Real time access to information at all times through mobile broadband
High quality sound through stereo speakers and 3D surround sound
Up to 70MB total memory (6MB internal + 64MB memory card) for storing videos, pictures, and messages
2-megapixel camera with 8x smooth, digital zoom and landscape mode
Stereo FM radio and music player
Enhanced Java email client for easy sending and receiving of information
Spam filter to avoid junk mail
Supports video sharing, streaming, and recording capabilities
Video, MP3, eACC+, and 64-bit polyphonic ringing tones.

Product Applications :
Enhanced Java email client with easy settings and spam filter
Data synchronization
Visual Radio
Wireless presenter
Notepad and voice memo recorder
World Clock II
Converter II
Java MIDP 2.0 with Bluetooth API makes downloading new applications easy
Video sharing
Active standby mode.

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Manufacturer of mobile phones. Our Product Ranges:- Nokia 3410 Nokia 3510 Nokia 5210 Nokia 5510 Nokia 6310 Nokia 6310i Nokia 6510 Nokia 6210 Nokia 3310 Nokia 3330 Nokia 6250 Nokia 8310 Nokia 8910 Nokia 8210 Nokia 8850 Nokia 8890 Nokia 9210 Nokia 9210i Nokia 3210 Nokia 5110 Nokia 6110 Nokia 6090 Nokia 7110 Nokia 8810 Nokia 9110 Nokia 9110i Nokia 6610 Nokia 7210 Nokia 7650 Nokia 540 Nokia 550 Nokia 640 Nokia 650 Nokia 1611 Nokia 3110 Nokia 6081 Nokia 9000i Nokia D211 A032 A040 C020/021 C910 Card Phone 1.0 Card Phone 2.0 Nokia Datasuite 2.0 Nokia 22 Nokia Data Suite 3.0 Nokia 9110i Application Memory Card Nokia Music Player Nokia Premicell Nokia THR850 Nokia C110/111 Nokia 6150 Nokia 3510i Nokia 6100 Nokia 8910i Nokia 7250 Nokia 3650 Nokia 5100 Nokia 30 Nokia THR880 Nokia Camera Headset Nokia 2100 Nokia Wireless Headset Nokia 6800 Nokia 2110 Nokia TMR880 Nokia Fun Camera Nokia Observation Camera Nokia Image Viewer SU-2 Nokia 7250i Nokia 6650 Nokia 3300 Nokia 32 Nokia 3100 Nokia Digital Pen Nokia 810 Nokia Radio Headset Nokia 6600 Nokia 6220 Nokia 1100 Nokia 3200 Nokia 3660 Nokia 7600 Nokia Su-4 Nokia 6820 Nokia 2300 Nokia Medallion I Nokia 6230 Nokia Su-7 Nokia 7200 Nokia CK-1W Nokia HS-3W Nokia 610 Nokia 6810 Nokia 6610i Nokia 5140 Nokia Medallion II Nokia 7610 Nokia Advanced Carkit CK-7W Nokia Image Viewer SU-5 Nokia Kaleidoscope I Nokia Xpress-on GPS Shell Nokia Wireless Headset HDW-3 Nokia Wireless Boom Headset HS-4W Nokia 3220 Nokia 6260 Nokia 2650 Nokia Image Album PD-1 Nokia 3120 Nokia 2600 Nokia 7260 Nokia 9500 Nokia 7270 Nokia Xpress-on Fun Shell Nokia 6170 Nokia THR880i Radio Nokia 6670 Nokia 7280 Nokia 6630 Nokia Wireless Audio Adapter AD-5B Nokia Camera Flash PD-2 Nokia 9300 Nokia Wireless Headset HS-11W Nokia Wireless GPS Module LD-1W Nokia Wireless Image Headset HS-13W Nokia Video Call Stand PT-8 Nokia Music Stand MD-1 Nokia Wireless Keyboard SU-8W Nokia Remote Camera PT-6 Nokia 7710 Nokia 6020 Nokia Wireless Clip-on Headset HS-21W Nokia Car Kit CK-10 Nokia 3230 Nokia 6822 Nokia 6680 Nokia 6681 Nokia 6230i Nokia 616 Car Kit Mediamaster 210 S Set Up Mediamaster 210 T Mediamaster 211 S Mediamaster 212 T Mediamaster 216 S Mediamaster 221 T Mediamaster 9200 S Mediamaster 9400 S Mediamaster 9302 S Mediamaster 9303 S Mediamaster 9304 S Mediamaster 9600 C Mediamaster 9601 S Mediamaster 9602 S Mediamaster 9610 S Mediamaster 9701 S Mediamaster 9760 C Mediamaster 9761 C Mediamaster 9780 S Mediamaster 9828 T Mediamaster 9850 T Mediamaster 9860 S Mediamaster 9310 S Mediamaster 9311 S Mediamaster 9321 S Mediamaster 9450 S Mediamaster 9600 S Mediamaster 9650 S Mediamaster 9460 S Mediamaster 9800 S Mediamaster 9802 S Mediamaster 9820 T Mediamaster 9902 S Mediamaster Free-to-View Astro Digital Receiver D-box Satellite Antenna 60cm Satellite Antenna 72+85cm Satscan Terrestrial Indoor Antenna Mediamaster 8830 S Mediamaster 9665 S Mediamaster 9660 S Mediamaster 9470 S Mediamaster 230 S Mediamaster 150 T Mediamaster 230 T Mediamaster 150 S Mediamaster 310 S Mediamaster 260 S Mediamaster 121 T Mediamaster 220 S Mediamaster 260 T Mediamaster 110 T User's Guide Customer Service Mediamaster 310 T Mediamaster 110 S Mediamaster 260 C Mediamaster 112 T Mediamaster 120 T Mediamaster 120 C Mediamaster 119 C Nokia 8800 Nokia 6021 Nokia Display Headset HS-6 Nokia Wireless Plug-in Car Handsfree HF-6W Nokia Converter CA-55 Nokia Wireless Headset HS-37W Nokia 5140i Nokia 6101 Nokia 6030 Nokia 1101 Nokia Wireless Headset HS-36W Nokia N90 Nokia 1600 Nokia 1110 Nokia 6060 Nokia N70 Nokia 770 Nokia Wireless Headset HS-26W Nokia 2652 Nokia Wireless Headset HS-56W

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