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Discturnkey Solution Co., Ltd.


Discturnkey Solution Co., Ltd.



A Quality Product from
Discturnkey Solution Co., Ltd. [View Profile]
ShenZhen - China

Description :
Digipack combines the concept of jewel case and disc wallet into one. The Digipack opens like a book as a disc wallet but instead of putting the disc into the pocket the disc will seat on a black or transparent tray. You can't get more professional than this.

The advantage of Digipack over jewel case is that the cardboard cover is not as brittle as a jewel case. Jewel cases crack and get broken easily. Yet the tray of a Digipack seats on an extra cardboard which protects the tray from breaking and provides a good place for artwork.

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Discturnkey Solution Co., Ltd.

We specialize in full disc replication and turnkey media packaging services. Our comprehensive range of services includes DVD replication, CD replication, DVD packaging, CD packaging, software packaging, Digipack, Printed Packaging and CD cases, DVD cases, C-Shells, CD-R, DVD-R production, printing, kitting and assembly. We also offer our customers customized outsourcing supply chain services, inventory management, value-added logistics services and import & export trade. * Slim CD jewel case * CD jewel case * Multi CD jewel case * Single DVD slim case * Double DVD slim case * DVD amaray case * 14mm DVD double case * Multi DVD case * Cake box * Digi tray * C-shells * PP CD/DVD cases * Standard CD-R * Business card CD-R * Mini CD-R * Standard DVD-R * Standard DVD+R * Mini DVD-R * Paper sleeve * Vinyl(PVC) sleeve * Mailer * Jackets * PP+Non-woven

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