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Shenzhen Good-tech Electronics Co. Ltd


Shenzhen Good-tech Electronics Co. Ltd

Sony serial products


A Quality Product from
Shenzhen Good-tech Electronics Co. Ltd [View Profile]
ShenZhen - China

Description :
Product models describe products
SSC series
SSC-DC54AP/50AP 1/2,470 line 0.8Lx,f1.2/AC24V/220V
SSC-DC488P 1/3,480 line 0.8Lx,f1.2/220V
SSC-DC498P 1/3,480 line 0.35Lx,f1.2/220V
SSC-DC473P/478P 1/3,540 line f1.2/AC24V/DC12V/220V, automatic conversion clock, 0.3-0.04Lx/0.55-0.05Lx
SSC-DC578P 1/3,480 line 0.4Lx,f1.2/220V, super dynamic functional

Color hemisphere
SSC-CD73VP 1/4,480 line blast type AC24/DC12V,12Lx/f1.4
SSC-CD43VP 1/4,480 line, conventional type AC24/DC12V,0.35Lx/f1.4

Ricoh series of meetings System
EVI-D100P 1/3,460 line 40 times (10 Beiguangxue, four times zoom) 0.5Lx,f5.4-64.8mm
EVI-D70P 1/4,460 line f=4.1-73.8mm,1Lx,216 times (18 Beiguangxue, 12 times zoom), RS-232/RS-422 interface
SPT series of black and white video camera
SPT-328CE/M324CE 1/3,570 line AC220V/24V,0.07Lx/f1.2
SPT-138CE/M188CE 1/3,380 line DC12V/AC24V/220V,0.01Lx/f1.2
SPT-383CE/M388CE 1/3,570 line DC12V/AC24V/220V,0.01Lx/f1.2

FCB series of super-low book sale!
Integrated camera
FCB-EX45CP 1/4,480 line 1.0Lx, focal length 4.1-73.8mm,216 times
FCB-EX48BP 1/4,480 line 0.7Lx, focal length 4.1-73.8mm,216 times (with picture freeze)
FCB-EX480CP 1/4,480 line 0.002LUX focal length 4.1-73.8mm216 times (as low, day and night automatic conversion)
FCB-EX980P 1/4,480 line 0.002LUX focal length 3.5-91mm312 times (as low, day and night automatic conversion) 16 12 times the figure enlarged Beiguangxue

Note : The above quotations for delivery of Shenzhen price, not taxes.

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Shenzhen Good-tech Electronics Co. Ltd

Traders of Massive equipment, Zoom lens, Circuit boards, Board Cameras, VCR, DVR, Camera, UTP transmitters, Video Transmitter, clarification, C/CS Vari-focal lens, Mobile phone camera, chances series, CS-MOUNT lens, (board plane) Vari-focal lens, Pinhole camera, pinhole series, General (IR) camera, normal angle series, Wide-angle shot, wide angle series.

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