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PA Microphone

New delhi

A Quality Product from
New Delhi - India

Description :
GUNJAN Dynamic (moving coil type) microphones are considered highly reliable and most suitable for P.A. applications. Their Unidirectional high sensitivity & low Impedance characteristics permits acceptance of sound from the person speaking. GUNJAN Microphones have wider and smoother Frequency Response. These offer grater capabilities to reproduce all varieties of sound more faithfully, in natural tone and with all its richness. All GUNJAN Microphones are capable of picking up sound form long distance, Thus giving greater freedom of movement to the user. Capture week sound from wide angle and long distance Higher front to back rejection to have higher amplifier gain before feedback. In-Built wind screen protect form explosive breath noises. Good for close-to-Lip singing. Ideal for all high quality installations. Extremely low handling noise, Mic. Cartridge with neodymium magnet for higher sensitivity and output. Intelligible, Crisp Y Bright Sound suits all type of installation like dramas, Stage Shows, Tamashas, Nautanki, Group singing & Church Choir, Live Vocal Music & Studio Applications.

GUNJAN Microphones are supplied with international quality (high shielded) cables. If extension of the cable is required, use only GUNJAN Mic extension cable and connectors, using substandard cables will cause loss of high frequencies & thus making the quality of reproduction suffer.

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Manufacturers and exporters of "GUNJAN BRAND" HI-TECH Public Address Equipment and Systems. PRODUCTS : PA Conference Systems PA Amplifiers PA Cassette Amplifiers PA Mega Phones PA Driver Units PA Speaker Systems PA Horn Speakers PA Paging Speakers PA Microphones PA Microphone Stands PA Column Stands PA Horns PA Mixers PA Diaphragms PA Accessories.

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