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Linkwell Telesystems (P) Ltd.,


Linkwell Telesystems (P) Ltd.,

Serial To Ethernet Converter 71W(SE)


A Quality Product from
Linkwell Telesystems (P) Ltd., [View Profile]

Description :
Visiontek's Serial to Ethernet Converters converts RS-232 serial data to Ethernet media . VISIONTEK S2E C onverters are the perfect answer to the problem of integrating serial data devices to a convergent Ethernet-based network.

These converters accept serial data on one port in either RS-232 format and convert the serial data stream into Ethernet/Fast Ethernet framed and formatted packets. These packets can then be transported across an Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, or Gigabit Ethernet network to another series converter, which reconstructs the Ethernet packets into the original serial data bit stream. Use our device to connect serial data devices to your Ethernet / Fast Ethernet network over twisted-pair cable.

Our device converts data usable in Industrial Ethernet applications, to incorporate serial interface Programmable Logic Controllers (P L Cs) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) devices such as milling machines and lathes/routers for furniture manufacture into an Ethernet network. This avoids the requirement for a separate serial data network and its associated cabling plan.

It also allows the controlling computers to be remotely placed from the controlled devices, without regard for the distances involved

Security is another application that is well suited for these series converters. They allow a network designer to incorporate serial data-controlled devices such as door locks, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera control, and fingerprint/retinal scanners into a common Ethernet network, with the same advantages of a common cabling plan and distance extension as stated above.

Benefits of Serial-to-Ethernet technology:

Brings the TCP/IP platform to serial devices
streamlining business management and operation
Low cost management of serial devices from the TCP/IP platform.
Remote, mobile management greatly reduces the cost of system downtime and human labour costs
Supports 10Mbps Ethernet interfaces and RS232 serial interfaces
Supports 5 VDC power input.

features :
- Connects to any equipment with RS-232 equipment in any industry to Ethernet for real time remote acess.
- Flexible Configuration and provisioning option.
- Small form factor design to fit all environments.

Product Applications :
Applications include IP Connectivity Solutions . Faster, cheaper point-of-sale transactions, Real-time collection of mission critical weather data. Office: Printers, Copiers, UNIX machines or systems with non-standard OS. Traffic signs can be monitored from a central location, Its utility is in the areas of Energy and environmental control Systems, Transportation and equipment, IT and Communications, Manufacturing and Industrial automation. Medical and emergency.

VISIONTEK's powerful IP access technology makes it all possible. Our proven protocol conversion devices can network-enable any system, from retail payments , to building automation, to PBX equipment. With customers in over 35 countries around the world, VISIONTEK connects legacy equipment to the Internet, seamlessly and cost effectively.

1. Power Adapter
2. Serial Interface cable
3. User manual
4. Adapter 5V ,0.5A

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Linkwell Telesystems (P) Ltd.,

Supplier of - Customer premises equipment and solutions that address the markets of Public/Rural telephony (PCO?s Call Shops Call Cabins Attended Payphones Community Telephones Call boutiques) Public Utility segment (Dialers and dialing Systems Wireless Modems Internet telephony gadgets GSM Gateways Top-up Terminals etc.) Point of Sale (POS) & Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Terminals. Fixed Wireless Terminal- GSM Fixed Cellular Terminal - 81G(FCT) GSM Autorouter 81G (AR) Pay Phone (PCO) Terminals Point of sale Terminals- Modems- GSM Utility Modem GSM Commercial Modem Ip Products:- Serial to Ethernet Converters ATA - Ethernet Customized Solutions- Over the Air Transfer (OTA) Call Meter Management System (VoIP) Terminal Management System Call Shop Management System GSM Products- GSM Fixed Cellular Terminal - 81G (FCT) GSM Autorouter 61G(AR) GSM Commercial Modem GSM Utility Modem

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