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Route 66 Communications Inc.


Route 66 Communications Inc.

Telindus Interface Modules (TIMs)


A Quality Product from
Route 66 Communications Inc. [View Profile]
Ohio - United States

Description :
Telindus Interface Modules offer high-speed WAN or LAN connectivity to the Telindus 16xx and 24xx router family.
WAN interface modules range from E1 (2 Mbps) up to STM1 (155 Mbps). They provide wire-speed router connectivity for network connections based on PPP, Frame-Relay or ATM.
The E1 module comes with 6 physical G.703 connections, supporting either independent or groomed operation. In independent operation mode, each port acts as an individual port on the router, running ATM, Frame-Relay or PPP encapsulation. In combined mode, the bandwidth of different ports is aggregated through IMA (Inverse Multiplexing over ATM), multi-link Frame-Relay or multi-link PPP.
The E3/T3 module supports encapsulation for ATM, Frame-Relay or PPP at 34 or 45 Mbps.
The STM1 module features an on-board UTP connector and two-slots for Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) fiber-optic transceivers, where the second fiber transceiver module can provide physical backup for the first one.
The LAN interface module provides 4-port Fast Ethernet connectivity.

features :
Modular interfaces for 16xx router and 24xx DSL concentrator (DSLAM) range
For WAN or LAN connections.

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Route 66 Communications Inc.

Manufacturers of :- Access Routers - Crocus 2M Routers 1021 LAN to LAN Router 103x 10 M Routers 1061 Modular Router. Broadband Central Office - 24xx ADSL-SHDSL. DSLAM/Broadband CPE - 1130/1131 ADSL Router 1132/1133 ADSL Wireless Router 1134/1135 ADSL Router-Switch 1221 ADSL Professional Router 1421 SHDSL Router 1422 SHDSL Router 1423 SHDSL Router 1431 SHDSL CPE. TDM Central Office - Cardnest CN4 2300 SHDSL Series. Voiceband Modems - Aster 5. TDM DSL Modems - SHDSL Crocus SHDSL G.703 Crocus SHDSL RS-530 Crocus SHDSL Quad Crocus SHDSL Repeater. Fiber Optic Modems - FO10M 10Mbps Modem FO45M 34/45Mbps Modem Fiber Line Modules. Multiplexers and Interface Converters - Crocus Interface Converters Crocus ADM 2P Crocus DXC Crocus E3 MUX Crocus Inverse Multiplexer. ISDN Multiplexers - ID-Mux PRI-Mux E800. Modular Data Interfaces - Serial data interfaces Router Interface 2M Router Interface 10M Quad E1 Interface High Speed Interface Modules (TIMs). Network Maintenance and Management - Maintenance and Management Tools 1035 Orchid Orchid DM. Accessories - External Power Adapters Rack-mount Kits Cables for management.

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