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Voltage Converter Transformers


Voltage Converter Transformers

Low Voltage Transformer (VT 300)


A Quality Product from
Voltage Converter Transformers [View Profile]
Roselle - United States

Description :
- 300 Watt Maximum Capacity, heavy-duty continuous use transformer
- Converts 110/120 V to 220/240 V OR converts 220/240 V to 110/120 V (switch is on back of unit)
- On/Off switch with indicator lamp
- 3 outlets on front of unit (outlets accept 3 or 2 prong US plugs and 2 prong Euro/Asian plugs)
- Insulated power cord is hard wired with a grounded European Shucko plug also good for Asian outlets
- Comes with 2 prong US adapter to enable non-grounded use in the USA, Canada and Mexico (grounded 3 prong US adapter also available - Item No. VP 13)
- Easy to carry with attached handle, heavy-duty metal casing, fuse protected

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Voltage Converter Transformers

Traders of voltage regulation devices and household electrical & electronic appliances. - Voltage Converters - Voltage Transformers - Step Up Voltage Transformers - Step Down Voltage Transformers - Step Up / Down Voltage Transformers - Voltage Regulators - Low Voltage Transformers - High Voltage Transformers - Current to Voltage Converters - Frequency to Voltage Converter - Automatic Voltage Regulators - Voltage Adapters - Constant Voltage Transformers - Dual Voltage Appliances - AC DC converter - DC to DC Converter - Step Up Voltage Converter - Travel Voltage Converter - Dual Voltage Converter - AC/DC Adapters - Plug Adapters - Dual Voltage Travel Appliances - International Telephone Jacks - International Plug Adapters - 110 220 Volt Power Converters - 220 110 Volt Power Converters

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