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Prok Devices Pvt. Ltd.


Prok Devices Pvt. Ltd.

NUmerical Over Current & Earth Fault Relay


A Quality Product from
Prok Devices Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Bangalore - India

Description :
Operating Time Accuracy
Accuracy Range on : ? 5% on plug setting range (s) IDMT Curve for Phase or earth
Definite Time : ? 3%
Instantaneous Time : Less than 3 cycles
Electrical Environment : (i) 2.5 K.V. Peak
High Frequency : (Common Mode)
(Damped sine Wave) For a duration of 2 secs.
Confirms to IEC
i. Between DC Circuit and earth with Relay Operated and non Operated Condition
ii. I.K.V. Peak (Transverse Mode)
for a Duration of 2 seconds.
iii. Across D.C. Terminals
iv. Across Current Terminals
(L1 L2 L3 and E/F in series)
Rated AC Current Input : 1A / 5A
Frequency 50 Hz.
% Pick up range : 105% to 120% of setting value
% Drop off : > 90% of setting value
DC Burden : < 5 Watts
During non operated condition < 6 Watts
AC Burden : 1A Relay. 5Amp & 1 Amp.
< 0.25VA for IA Relay

features :
Prok Devices Pvt. Ltd. Only Indian Company to manufacture Micro-controller/Processor based Numerical Over Current and Earth Fault relay with IDMT (Inverse Definite Minimum Time), Definite Time & Instantaneous trip time characteristics in a single unit.

It is a non directional relay, which can be employed as protection against over current in any of the 3-phases and earth. The relay has the option for selecting any one of the - 7 IDMT Curves for Phase Faults and Earth Faults.

The IDMT-curves incorporated are:

1. Normal Inverse.
2. Extremely Inverse.
3. Restricted Inverse.
4. Very Inverse.
5. 1.3 Seconds.
6. 3.0 Seconds.
7. Long time delay.

Other important features are:
2 line 16 characters LCD display (with back-lit), for user friendly selection of the characteristics, to indicate nature of fault, to display of magnitude of the fault current and entry of required parameters.
LED indications for power ON, pick-up, low set trip (l>/le>) and trip for high set(l>>/le>>) in the front fascia.
Membrane keypad for accessing of the relay, selection of curves and parameters.
The relay has high drop-off / pick-up ratio and has non-volatile memory for data retention and retrieval.
The casing is of Modular Integration Draw Out System (MIDOS) with automatic CT shorting facility. The Auxiliary supply range is 30 - 130 V DC or 85 to 275 V AC / DC.. The unit is tested at CPRI as per IEC - 60255 / 60068 standards. The dimension of the unit is : 155 x 177 x 246 mm (W x H x D).

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Prok Devices Pvt. Ltd.

Prok Devices Private Limited manufactures and markets a whole range of solid state micro controller protection relays and digital meters used in power system applications. Manufacturers and exporters of Earth Leakage Relay Earth Fault Relay AC Voltage Relay Voltage Relay Frequency Relay Phase Failure Relay Auto Power Factor Correction Relay NUmerical Over Current & Earth Fault Relay Numerical Over Voltage & Under Voltage Relay with Negative Sequence Protection Tap Position Indicator Ammeter Voltmeter Frequency Meter Kilo Watt Meter Power Factor Meter.

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