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Terron Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.


Terron Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.

HVAC Controllers

New delhi

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Terron Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
New Delhi - India

Description :
Our range of HVAC controllers are designed for cost effectiveness, high accuracy and reliability and ease of use. This is achieved by using the latest generation mixed signal micro-controllers instead of dated controllers.

Apart from our standard offerings we can provide you with custom controllers that best suit your individual requirements. Our ready modules help us give you custom solutions with minimal turnaround times and minimal integration costs to you. Multi compressor controllers, controllers with built in sequence control, controllers with multipoint duct/ ambient sensing: you name your requirements and we can do it for you!

Fuzzy Logic Based Electronic Thermostat

Weathersmart HVAC controller
Weathersmart is a Fuzzy Logic Based Environment Controller controlling Humidity and temperature by correlating with time of day and ambient conditions. Using an on-board Real Time Clock, it automatically adjusts the temperature setting according to the time of the day. With advanced fault diagnostics, it is almost fail proof with zero plant downtime.

All sensors are placed as probes and transmit the temperature and humidity states over 2 wire serial communication and control lines. MORE

Optitech plant controller with integrated TDR.
This system has been developed for managing the temperature at a comfortable level by automatically selecting the set point. It operates on Internal and Ambient temperature feedbacks. The system has in-built fault detection capability and provides audio/visual alarm in event of any fault being detected.

The sensing modules communicate with the controller over 2-wire serial communication and control lines in an electrically noisy environment. Using RS485 transceivers, and complete CRC checks the data integrity is ensured.
The sensor probe is designed for duct installation and has excellent response rate to temperature changes.

A time delay relay is integrated to phase the switching of compressors.

An entry level industrial HVAC controller for short-run sensor runs of upto 10 meters, Basio is designed to meet the requirements of cost effectiveness with high reliability.

Room Mate AC Remote Control Unit: This system has been developed for Room Window Air Conditioners. This single controller based solution satisfies all the basic requirements of a room air conditioner. Either through a infr-red remote controller or through the on-board interface, the user can control the set temperature, fan speed, sleep time and other functions. All settings are stored in non-volatile memory to make it highly convenient for the end-user.

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Terron Microsystems Pvt. Ltd.

Products and services : Microcontroller/DSP, GPS Products, Energy Metering, Smart Card Based, Automation Products, Building Managements, Dataloggers, HVAC Control, Biometric Solutions

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