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Katlax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.


Katlax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Peripherals, Relay Units


A Quality Product from
Katlax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Ahmedabad - India

Description :

KATLAX offers range of relay units with rail mounting facility which take proximity switch signal as input and convert it into required control logic. Relay units for other control panel requirements are also included.

Namur Amplifier Relay Unit.

This unit acts as interface for NAMUR Proximity Sensors especially used in HAZARDOUS areas. Very low signal current change produced by NAMUR SENSOR placed distant in Ex-proof area is amplified by this unit to give output relay changeover which can be used for system automation.

Power Supply Relay Unit.

The unit acts as interface for PNP/NPN type of proximity switch. It virtually replaces mechanical limit switches and its phase line cabling by low current and low voltage proximity switch free of mechanical wear, thereby achieving enhnced reliability and safty. This rail mounting construction can be very easily incorporated inside eletrical panels. Within specified limits, DC auxillary terminals provided can be used to power other electronic devices in the panel.

Underspeed Relay Unit.

The unit gives relay changeover as output whenever RPM falls below set value. Relay picks up as soon as RPM reach the set value. RPM feedback is taken from proximity switch which is switched using target wheel.

PTC Thermistor Relay Unit.

The unit takes sign from PTC Thermistor placed in contact with heat generating component as temperature sense. On exceeding temperature limit, unit trips to give relay changeover as output. The unit also monitors PTC HEALTHY condition.

Phase Monitoring Relay Unit.

Mainly used in electrical systems, unit monitors phase sequence and presence of incoming 3-phase line. Absence or change in phase sequence produces imbalance shifting neutral point thus providing changeover.

Star-Delta Relay Unit.

The unit provides two potential-free contacts used for star to delta conversion on star-delta starter technique in induction motors. Star delay can be adjusted with front knob.

Lubrication Pump Relay Unit.

This LUBE RELAY is a complete controller for lubrication pumps which takes pressure switch input in three different ranges to control oil level of the pump.

On-off Delay Timer with Relay Unit.

This unit provides ON_OFF time delay up to 30 second (Adjustable). It also provides with one relay change over contact. It is suitable with NPN as well as PNP type sensor.

DGP Pre-setable Counter.

This unit gives counter facility up 9999 to 999999 counts. It also provides one relay change over contact. In case of power failure, last count is stored in memory. In optional auto reset & advanced buzzer facility also availabe.

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Katlax Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturers/Exporters of Sensor and Automation Products.

  • Our Products Range Include: -Inductive Proximity Switches -Capacitive Proximity Sensors -Photoelectric Sensors -Field Plate Sensors / Hall Sensors -Connector & Cable Assembaly -Peripherals, Relay Units -Sensors for Textile Machines

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