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Preset Counter for Fill & Wind application


A Quality Product from
ALFATRONIX [View Profile]
Pune - India

Description :
This is an advance version single chip micro controller based programmable four digit preset counter with four inputs and one output. In fill mode counter has one slot of preset value. While in Wind mode it has Thirty slots of preset value. When potential free pulse of either fill or wind is given the counter automatically sets its preset values and nos. of slots.

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Stepper Motor Controller up to 60 Kg.Cm, Dedicated Logic Controller/Digital Controller, Event, Presettable, Digital Counter and RPM Meter[Single and Multi Channel], AC/DC Analogue and Digital Timer [On/Off and Cyclic], AC/DC Inductive, Capacitive and Magnetic Proximity Switches, DC Analogue Inductive Proximity Switches, Inductive Proximity Switch for Intrinsically Safe Area Application[Namur Switch approved by Dhanbad], Optical Proximity-Through Beam, Retro and Diffused Type, IR Slot Sensor[Min. object up to 0.1 mm, up to 100 Hz], Wab Control Sensor[To Sense Opaque or Transparent Object], Registration Mark Detector [for Packaging Industries], Hydraulic and Pneumatic Press Guard[Optical Barrier Type], Fibre Optic IR Sensor, Encoder 1 ppr to 1000 ppr Single and Multi Channels, Zero/Over/Under Speed Detection and Controller Unit[Analogue and Digital], Pull Chord and Belt Sway Switch, Real Time Based Timer [for Application in Sign Industries etc.], Switch Mode Power Supply [5 W to 500 W] and Battery Charger, Relay Interfacing PCB [Four, Eight, Sixteen Channel], Logic PCB for Two Input One Output [PNP or NPN Input], Water Flow Sensors.

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