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Pamba Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Pamba Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd.



A Quality Product from
Pamba Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Ernakulam - India

Description :
The system comprises of

Patient Panel (above patients bed)

Call Monitor and Control Panel (Nurses Duty Room)

Call Display Panel (corridor of the ward)

Dome Flasher (above door of each ward)

Power supply with Battery Back up.

PATIENT PANEL: This is fitted above the patient's bed. The Panel comprises of 85 X 85mm membrane switch with 3 membrane switches and pull cord.

Membrane switches

a) Emergency switch - Red LED

b) Normal switch - Green / Blue LED

c) Reset switch

d) Pull Cord - Amber / Orange LED

When any of the switch is activated by pressing the switch, or the patient pulls the pull cord which is easily accessible from the bed, immediately the LED fitted inside the switch flashes indicating the call is forwarded to the nurses duty room. Duty nurse acknowledges the call by pushing the corresponding switch provided in nurse control panel, blinking immediately stops but the LED continues to glow. Nurse attends the call and presses the reset button.

Time of activation of switch and time taken to attend the call is recorded in the computer network.

Priority level is as indicated below

Pull cord-Medium
If normal switch is pressed first then to change priority level, press reset and then press/ pull required priority switch.

Call Monitor and Control switch

This is a microprocessor based monitor and control station.

When any button is activated from the patient's panel there is an audio beep along with blinking of LED's in the nurses duty room call monitor and control station.

Call display light flashes showing the type of call received, total number of calls and its priority.

Priority levels and patient's bed numbers are scrolled in this display to show the priority level of all the calls received.

Data from the nurse's duty room can be collected from each nurse's duty room and connected to the main computer network in the hospital using our software.


This is a double - sided call priority display installed in the ward.

The display has the following colours

Red colour-Emergency Call

Orange Colour-Pull cord Call

Green colour-Normal call

When a call is activated by a patient then the call information is passed on to this console through the call monitor and the control station.

The call display panel displays the following:

Type of call.

Number of Calls to be attended in each category.

Priority Levels of calls in each category.

After receiving the reset signal from the patient panel the priority level changes.

The priority level changes when a new call is received.

Dome Flasher

This is fitted above the entrance door of the Room / Ward.

This flashes the moment the call process is initiated by the activation of the switch in the patient's panel and the flashing continues till the call is reset.

Power Supply With The Battery back up

This unit is connected to the call monitor and Control Station

The power requirement for the entire system used in a ward is taken from this unit.

This unit is having a battery back up of 10 to 15 minutes with a high quality battery charger.

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Pamba Electronic Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturer of electronic ballasts, invertors, energy saver systems. OUR PRODUCT: - NURSE CALL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS - ELECTRONIC BALLASTS 1) DOMESTIC BALLAST 2) INDUSTRIAL BALLAST - SMART MOTOR CONTROL UNIT - SERVICE PANEL - INVERTER - BEDSIDEPANNEL AFTER SALES SERVICES We have a highly integrated service network across India, comprising a core team of engineers and technicians as well-versed with our entire product line and accessible round round-the-clock. Plus, an ongoing of fields complaints help us vastly identifying problems and addressing them swiftly, to our customers complete satisfaction.

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