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Guanhua Communication equipment factory


Guanhua Communication equipment factory

Microwave Antenna


A Quality Product from
Guanhua Communication equipment factory [View Profile]
Foshan - China

Description :
Microwave antennas supply highly directional beams typically used in point-to-point microwave systems. Guanhua manufactures a full line of microwave antennas, frequency up to 40GHz for applications such as fixed-line telecommunications networks, broadband wireless, wireless infrastructure, and television broadcasting.

Model: HTG0615000V
Frequency: 14.4---15.35GHz
Gain: 36.5
Polarization: single
Color: white
VSWR: 1.06
Return loss: 30 dB
Wind Velocity Operational: 200km/h

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Guanhua Communication equipment factory

Wimax antenna, wifi antenna, RFID antenna, Marine Antenna, VHF antenna, UHF antenna, GPS antenna, 2.4GHz antenna, 3.5GHz antenna, 5.8GHz antenna, IBS antenna, Power splitter, coupler

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