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ShenZhen Angel Equipment&Technology CO.,LTD


ShenZhen Angel Equipment&Technology CO.,LTD

UF Water Filter

Shenzhen guangdong

A Quality Product from
ShenZhen Angel Equipment&Technology CO.,LTD [View Profile]
Shenzhen Guangdong - China

Description :
4-Stage Filtration
Filtered Water Output Volume: 200L/H
=> Crossing Filtration, very easy to clean it. No power or pressure-added needed.
Main Stage: UF (Middle-Hollow UF Membrane; Filtration Precision: 0. 01Micron)
Functions: Filtering germ, virus, corpuscule, other solute and chemical from tap water processing.
Assistant Stage 1: In-Line Post Active Carbon Filtration
Functions: Removing bad smell in water,mainly dissociative chloride.
Assistant Stage 2: In-Line Post Active Carbon Filtration
Functions: Adjusting filtered water taste, keeping water fresh.
Assistant Stage 3: UF
Functions: Removing germ from the process of active carbon filltration.

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ShenZhen Angel Equipment&Technology CO.,LTD

1)Hot/Cold water dispenser/water coolers; 2)Accessaries; 3)Bottle blowing machine for all kinds of bottles; 4)Water treatment purifying equipment & plant; 5)Water bottling machine for all kinds of bottles ; 6)Water RO, UF filter/purifier for household use ; 7)Car refrigerator, thermoelectric cooler, cosmetic cooler 8)Ice Maker

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