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Bluecard Guard Tour Reader (BP-2002W)


A Quality Product from
Beijing - China

Description :
BP-2002-W Series Guard Tour Readers improves upon the BP-2002 Series Guard Tour Readers, adding many advanced technical improvements such as wireless data transfer, making the products more durable and easier to use.

BP-2002-W Series Guard Tour Readers works with the popular EM format signal cards, which are low in cost and have been widely used in systems including work-attendance checking, access control, fee collection, parking management, etc. The readers have been used in guard tour systems as well as other applications including time and attendance, vehicle management, animal identification, parts management, etc.

The BP-2002-W Series Guard Tour Readers are available in two models:

BP-2002-W has a four-digit alphanumeric LCD display, and is able to display information such as time, card number, event number, serial number, etc. It is suitable for applications where it is important to have access to the information related to the signal cards read.
BP-2002B-W comes without the LCD display, and is able to work at a lower temperature range than the BP-2002 (-40C? instead of -20C?). Because of this, it has been widely used under frigid conditions in northern regions. The BP-2002B is also more durable due to the lack of a LCD display.
The exterior of the BP-2002-W Series Guard Tour Readers can be processed in two different ways: electroplating or plastic-coating. Other than making the appearance different, the two exterior treatments do not affect the device's operations differently. The electroplated exterior has a more elegant look, while the plastic coated exterior is more durable and has a better hand-feel.

1. Ultra Energy Efficient

Can make over 700,000 readings with a set of single-use batteries (two AA sized 3.6v lithium batteries). Equal to an average of 5 years' battery life in actual usage.

2. Wireless Data transfer

Uploads reader data wirelessly without the need for connection ports. Does not consume energy from reader during transfer (using comm stations BS-1000, BS-2000, BS-3000, or BS-4000), making usage more convenient and the readers more resistant to damage.

3. Ruggedized and Shock-Absorbent Design

First in the industry to use super-reinforced aluminum-alloy casing, and have shock-absorbent internal designs. Can withstand over 200 drops onto concrete floor from over 2 meters' height.

4. Completely Waterproof

Sealed against liquids, work under water.

5. Reliable Flash Memory Data Storage

Use advanced Flash memory technology, do not lose their data even when batteries run out. It is capable of storing 30,719 pieces of guard tour data. Competing products use battery-operated RAM, can lose all of their stored information once the batteries run out, and can only store a few thousand pieces of data.

6. Remote Upload

Able to remotely upload data to the PC over phone-line or GPRS mobile phone networks.

7. Make readings without contact

Can read from signal cards by moving the readers near them, not affected by dust, rain, snow, ice, or other environmental factors. Much more convenient than traditional readers that require precise contacts with information buttons, especially at night. Moreover, prolonged usaged of traditional contact-type readers can cause the contact-points to wear out, and they are very difficult to use under adverse weather.

8. Easy to Carry

Length: 150 mm, Width: 42 mm, Thickness: 26 mm, weigh less than 200 g, making them convenient to carry.

9. Protect Against Battery Draining

The devices automatically turns off when a button is held down for too long. Protect against intentional battery draining.

10. Reads EM Signal Cards

Reads the popular EMID signal cards, can be used at numerous installed systems including work-attendance checking, access control, fee collection, parking management, etc.

11. Long Reading Range

Can read from signal cards 4-7 cm away

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A Brief Introduction of Bluecard Products We are Bluecard Software Technology Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of professional RFID-based (non-contact) guard tour readers systems. The major advantages of our guard tour systems include: 1.RFID signal cards are used as patrol check points, for which readings by the guard tour readers occur entirely without contact. Our proprietary RFID technology extends their effective reading distance up to 10cm, which enables installers to hide the checkpoints inside wall surfaces, protecting them from vandals and weather elements. Our readers are capable of detecting and reading from signal cards automatically when they come into range, making operation simple and reliable. 2. The readers upload the data they have collected over a wireless connection, so there?s no need for electronic contacts or ports, making the readers more resistant to damage. 3. From our experience working with partners in the security industry, we understand that guard tour products must be designed to be tough and able to withstand abuse. Because of this, we have constructed all of our guard tour readers according to the following standards: A) They are completely waterproof, and can operate under water. B) All models are highly shock-absorbent. Our latest model is capable of withstanding 20m drops onto concrete. Its 3-layer anti-shock structure includes a metallic alloy body, molded rubber outer shell, and silicone gel padding surrounding the internal electronics. 4. Using accessories, our guard tour readers can upload their data remotely from locations where it is inconvenient to install a computer. Remote upload can occur in two ways: A) Using the mobile phone network by sending either GPRS or SMS messages. This allows our guard tour systems to be conveniently deployed and managed everywhere that mobile phone coverage exists. B) Over the land-line telephone network using built-in modem. 5. Data stored in our guard tour readers are highly secure. Signal card readings are stored using FLASH memory modules, which ensure that patrol records remain intact even if the battery runs out. A capacity for storing over 30, 000 records is built into each reader. When the memory is full, the reader will only re-use portions of the memory where the stored records have already been uploaded to the computer, so the reader can never accidentally overwrite new patrol data. 6. Our guard tour management software is simple to learn and use, yet provides powerful features allowing the user to create detailed reports of the patrols. The software is available in a variety of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, and more. SDK kits (programming instructions) for our hardware systems are available if you wish to connect them with your own applications. Our guard tour systems are deployed by a variety of industries, including guard patrol services, warehouse safety inspectors, facility patrols teams, mine safety inspectors, telecommunications line security inspectors, and much more. Currently, we are looking for resellers and OEM partners around the world to establish distribution and support centers for our products. Detailed information related to our company and our products can be found at: www.Bluecardsoft.Com Our company has been founded with the goal of making guard tour systems based on advanced research that will meet and exceed the toughest standards set by the security industry. Over the years, our efforts have made us the most dominant guard tour products manufacturer in our domestic market, where over 50% of the guard tour readers being sold are manufactured by our company. Right now, our distributing partnerships with security industry leaders around the world are rapidly making us one of the largest guard tour products manufacturers, and changing the rules of the industry by leading it to aim for higher standards.

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