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Accute Micro Electronics Co.,LTD


Accute Micro Electronics Co.,LTD

dielectric filter array type


A Quality Product from
Accute Micro Electronics Co.,LTD [View Profile]
Shenzhen - China

Description :
Products >Ceramic band pass filters

| GSM ceramic filters | CDMA ceramic filter | Wimax ceramic filters | Wifi ceramic filter |
| 3G ceramic filters | 4G ceramic filter |surface mount ceramic filter |
| Vertical PC Mount Bandpass Filters |Surface Mount Bandpass, PCB Mount |

Ceramic Bandpass Filters (Array Type,Monoblock Type,300Mhz~4Ghz)

Custom design,High consistent Q
Extremely Temperature stable,Low insertion loss
3G,4G telecommunication
Base station of GSM,CDMA,Wimax,WIfi,3G,4G
Spectrum analyzer,RF transceivers
Repeater of GSM,CDMA,Wimax,Wifi,PCS,
WLL,ISM,CATV,GPS Cellular systems
Remote metering,Global positioning
Custom design available
We can offers Ceramic Bandpass Filters(also called dielectric filters, or dielectric ceramic filters,microwave ceramic filters) in standard resonator sizes of 2mm , 3mm , 4mm , 5mm , 6mm , 8mm , 10mm and 12mm (normally 3mm , 4mm , 5mm , 6mm , 8mm ).
Bandwidth: 0.5% to 8% of center frequency
Basic rules of ceramic band-pass filters and diplexersp
The higher the Q-factor of a resonators/band pass filters,the better electrical performance for insertion loss.
The more dielectric resonators combined together for a band pass ceramic filters, the better rejection/attenuation/stopband will be.
Determinant factor for Insertion Loss
Q factor of a resonator, the bandwidth of a filter, and the number of resonators Determinant factor for Attenuation/rejection
The number of resonators, connection type of resonators

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Accute Micro Electronics Co.,LTD

1. Ceramic band pass filters( also called dielectric filters, or dielectric ceramic filters, microwave ceramic filters) 2. Ceramic diplexers( also called ceramic duplexers) 3. Dielectric resonatorsTE&TEM Mode(also called dielectric ceramic coaxial resonators) 4. GPS patch antenna(also called dielectric antenna ) 5. LTCC filters(also called Multilayer Dielectric filters) and blue tooth antenna 6. TCXO, OCXO, VCXO, Quartz Crystal

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dielectric filter array type

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