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Smart Bell Switch


A Quality Product from
FABROTECH [View Profile]
Mumbai - India

Description :
SCHOOL BELL SYSTEM [to Ring Period Bell in Educational Institutes] Every Educational Institute has weekly schedule [Time Table] which is used to Ring the Bell at Start of day, at change of period, at Recess [Break] & at End of day. Bell rings for shorter duration at change of period & rings longer for Recess [Break] or at the Beginning & End of day. When Institute attendant rings Bell, chances are that Bell may not ring at correct time, shorter Ring for change of Period may not be same always, similarly longer ring may not be sufficiently long. To overcome such problem due to Human error, FABROTEH offers SMART BELL system to ring the Bell in Educational Institutes. SMART BELL has the facility to set current Date, Time & Weekly Schedule [Time Table] of Bell Timing. Once the Weekly Schedule [Time Table] is programmed & an Electric Bell is connected to SMART BELL system. The SMART BELL will ring Electric Bell on selected days at set time for set Duration, week after week for years. SMART BELL system can be used for Industrial Siren.

Product Price :Rs. 1955.0

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Manufacturing Digital Electronic Counter, Timer & Digital Indicators [Frequency & RPM], Time Totaliser, Hour - Meter, Digital Time Switches for Street & Compound Lighting, Digital Smart Bell for Educational Institutes

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