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Putron Electronics Limited


Putron Electronics Limited

Twisted Pair


A Quality Product from
Putron Electronics Limited [View Profile]
GuangZhou - China

Description :
Putron Scaler switcher is the multi-format input unit specially for the presentation usage. It is the economical and high level solution for the audiovisual system.
It is the compatible with almost all the popular connectors, such as VGA for computer graphic, S-Video for the DVD, VCR and so on. C-Video for the camera and so on, And MIC for the presentation speaking. All the video signal will be scaler, up to 1280*1024 high resolution.
And, the video paremeter is adjustable.
Audio is combining the mixer function, with the volume adjustable function.

We can also provide the customized model to you, which is not listed above.
These product are useful in corporate boardrooms, command and control centers, museums, university classrooms, sports bars, videoconferencing rooms, and home theaters are all environments where a presentation scaler is effective.

features :
Main Features

1. Common CAT5,CAT6 Cable (35~200M) can transmit high-quality RGB signal.
2. Sharpness and brightness adjustable.
3. Compensation and proofread technology adopted in Wideband RGB long-line transmission.
4. From 800*600@60Hz to 1600x1200@70Hz
5. Compatible with the CAT5, CAT6, CAT7
6. Sharp and Bright adjustable.
7. Transmission distance adjustable
8. Universal power adaptor. (100Volt~240Volt AC, 50/60Hz)

Terms and Conditions :
T/T, 4 days leadtime

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Putron Electronics Limited

Matrix switcher Presentation Scaler switcher Twisted Pair Signal Processor Scan convertor Distribution Amplifier OEM/ODM business (RGBHV, Composite Video, S-Video, Component Video, Audio, DVI, HDMI, Fiber Optic, )

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