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Suvik Electronics Pvt. Ltd.


Suvik Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Delta Online UPS


A Quality Product from
Suvik Electronics Pvt. Ltd. [View Profile]
Gandhinagar - India

Description :
Suvik brings Delta Series Five 9's PQ manager (99.999%) UPS

Delta N Series UPS Range --> 1 KVA to 3 KVA
Delta J Series UPS Range --> 1 KVA to 3 KVA
Delta J Series UPS Range --> 7 KVA to 11 KVA
Delta H Series UPS Range -->15 KVA to 30 KVA
Delta NT Series UPS Range -->20 KVA to 400 KVA

features :
Microprocessor Controlled, High Frequency PWM Technology based "True Online" Double Conversion UPS System with IGBT's at Inverter stage, provide pure Sinewave output with reliability and efficiency.

Input Power Factor Correction up to unity reduces input current resulting in lower electricity bills and minimizes harmonics making it truly Generator Compatible.

High AC to AC Efficiency results in lower running cost, quieter operation and lesser load on Air Conditioning making it a truly green UPS.

Widest Input Voltage Range to operate on mains mode at voltages as low as 130V to provide conditioned supply during long Brownout conditions. Batteries are used only when absolutely necessary maximizing available backup time & extending battery life.

UPSentry Network shutdown software through intelligent RS-232 communication interface provides real time updates on electrical parameters, graceful unattended shutdown of multiple Servers and Workstations.

SNMP Management Capability (optional); SNMP compatibility provides complete remote monitoring and control of the UPS. In the event of an extended power outage, it can command an unlimited numbers of systems to shut down sequentially. Enables you to monitor and control remote UPSs from a Web browser or industry standard Network Management System.

Smart Economy Mode operation results in greater energy saving using energy optimizer for lesser critical applications and after business hours.

Dual Feed Input allows installation of two independent power sources with option of Hot Standby configuration or UPS systems to provide redundancy for mission critical applications.

Product Applications :
Remote Telecommunication Units
Office Telecommunication System
Voice Mail & E-mail Servers
Bio-Medical Test & Diagnostic Equipments
Engineering Network Service
Process Automation & Control Equipment
Mission Critical LAN & WAN Servers etc
Server Racks in Data Centers
BTS (Base Transmission Stations)
Application for Telecom
Corporate Office Network Application
Small & Medium Data Centers
Voice Over IP
Healthcare Equipments
Financial Applications where High-
Availability is imperative
Commercial Processing Systems
Industrial Automation
Broadcasting and Telecommunication Systems
Audio Visual Equipments
OB Vans for Satellite Communication
Network Devices : Hubs, Routers, Bridges

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Suvik Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

1.Servo voltage Stabiliser 2.Linear voltage stabiliser 3.Step-static voltage stabiliser 4.Static voltage stabiliser-IGBT based 5.Online UPS 6.AC Drives 7.Ultra Isolation transformer 8.Battery Chargers 9.Energy saver-CESS 10.Telecom AVR

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